Advanced Erotic Story Marketing Techniques

A little while back I wrote an article about making money in the erotic stories niche. That article covered the basics; today I will cover some more advanced techniques to marketing erotic stories. 


Blogs are all about reading so an erotic stories blog makes perfect sense and making an erotic story blog is a great way to market erotic stories. They are easy to setup and easy to update. Search engines love text so they will be all over your erotic story blog.  With a blog you can categorize your stories, link to sponsors and even trade links with other sites to help you get more search engine traffic. 

If I could give you a few suggestions for your erotic stories blog it would be that you should feel free to advertise picture and movie sites on your blog. I have found lesbian and celebrity sites work pretty well. Also dating sites and sex toy sites make great sponsors. Also keep the design simple. There is no need to have a wild, complex theme for the site. The people are at your site for erotic stories so keep them focused on the stories and the sponsors.


When you build small free sites that you are going to submit to link sites make an erotic story section in the site and put 3-5 erotic stories on the site that are in the same niche as the site. You can link to your erotic stories sponsor in these stories and I would also suggest you link to your lesbian sponsor on this page.

Don’t forget to optimize these erotic story pages for search engines so you can get a little more free traffic.


Here is a great idea that not very many people try. Take an erotic story and then use pictures to illustrate the story. For example: if you have an lesbian story take 12-15 lesbian pictures and match them up to the story. As the girls in the story are getting undressed, put your pictures of the girls getting undressed in the gallery. Then as they kiss in the story, show kissing pictures and as they get into the hardcore action you can show your hardcore pictures. In effect you are making an illustrated gallery. I like cropping the thumbs so that they blend into the background and look like they are really a part of the gallery.

When you put up your sponsor links you can link to erotic stories and your lesbian sponsor and depending on whom you are submitting the gallery to you might be able to slip a third link into it and link a dating or sex toy type of site so that your gallery can capitalize on all different types of traffic.


There are a lot of porn posting boards and forums out there where surfers share pictures, movies and all types of porn. These are boards that often don’t get erotic stories posted on them which make them an excellent potential source of traffic. Just because nobody has posted it in the past doesn’t mean that the people there aren’t open to that type of content. The less competition there is, the more traffic for you.

Post a short story there with a link to your sponsor or to your blog or free site and you might be surprised at the amount of traffic you get. You can do a search in Google and Yahoo for different types of posting boards and forums to find places to post. Just make sure to follow the rules of the board.


If you operate and email list or a periodic newsletter you might put in an option to join an erotic story email newsletter. It’s also not a bad idea to put a link to an email newsletter on your sites and gather subscribers to a future erotic story email newsletter. Once you start getting subscribers you can start sending out a weekly story with links to your sites/sponsors.


If you are a writer go ahead and write some erotic stories. Once you have a decent amount you can sell them to two different buyers. Sell them to your surfers by offering them a bundle of stories for a reasonable price. Sell them to webmasters as content they can use on their sites.

Making money off of erotic stories is unique from other types of porn in that you aren’t selling the same product everyone else is and because of that you are looking for a particular type of visitor. Once you learn how to get them you will be pleasantly surprised at how they convert for you. As a simple exercise simply look at all the ways that regular porn is marketed and ask yourself, “How can I apply this to erotic stories?” If you are creative and willing to stick with it you can make some nice cash with erotic stories.



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