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An AVS (Adult Verification Systems) site, for those that don’t know, is a site that is built by you and then used on an AVS system. The basic idea is simple. You build the site and then put your link code for that AVS on the join page. When someone joins the AVS from your site you get credit for the sale. The person that joins the AVS gets access to your site and all the other sites on the system. Some people will ask: “Why use an AVS instead of just sending the traffic to a paysite?” This article with help explain some differences and will give you some tips on building good AVS sites.

There are two answers to this. First, if you are talking about a sponsor owned paysite you are potentially losing out on some good stuff. Most sponsors have exit consoles on their sites that you don’t get paid for. They also have up-sales inside their sites that you don’t get paid for. Also, you have no control over how the tour looks. I have had sponsors that have converted really well for me then they change the look of the tour and my sales plummeted and I was out of luck. Second, if you talking about starting your own paysite you are going to have to spend a lot of time and money to get it off the ground. AVS sites are much cheaper to make and run so you can afford to fail more often as you look for something that works really well for you. Most AVS sites have a few hundred pictures or a few dozen videos in them so the cost of buying the content is far lower than you would spend to start a paysite.

Essentially an AVS site is like a small paysite. You build a tour, complete with a join page and a member’s area with content. The main difference is that anyone that joins your site will also get access to all the other sites on the AVS. Many AVS companies also have a member’s area of their own with video feeds and other premium content. The member gets a ton of content and most AVS companies will continually add new sites so there is always fresh stuff for the members to check out. Basically it is like you are running a paysite only you get to use the content from your site and 20,000 other sites to keep your member’s happy.
As with a paysite your tour is your sales pitch so you really need to focus on this. It is probably the most important part of your site. You will need to take a few things into consideration. First, what type of content is the site going to feature? I would always suggest picking one niche and building a site around it instead of trying to build a “mega-site” with a ton of niches all in one. Your content should dictate your type of tour. If it is amateur you may want the tour to look a little amateur and like it is run by a guy that is just a porn fan. If it is lesbian is should be softer and more erotic with the focus being on how hot the girls are and how sexy they are when they have sex with each other and hardcore sites should focus on the action. If your graphic design skills suck (like me) then you may want to hire a designer. One cool thing about AVS sites though is that you can afford to experiment. I would suggest everyone try to design a tour for themselves and give it a spin. If it doesn’t convert very well than tweak it and try again and if it still is bombing then you can hire a designer to make it look really good. Since you didn’t spend a ton making the site you are not under the gun to make sales right away.  Inside the site I would suggest a basic layout. Make your content easy to find and always link to the member directories so the members can easily find the other content/sites they get access to. The easier you make their lives, the longer the will stick around.

You make money three ways with AVS sites. The first is the obvious way. You sell memberships to the AVS and get paid a commission. The second is that since it is your site you control the exit traffic. You might link to sponsor owned paysites or to other AVS sites you have. All the exit sales are yours. Up-sells inside the site are key. Since all the members of the AVS will get access to your site you want to have an ad or two inside the site. Most AVS companies won’t let you fill the pages with banners, but a few well placed ads for dating sites or sex toys or other sponsor paysites can make you some nice extra money. Some AVS companies pay a flat rate for a signup. Others are recurring. I would suggest you try them both out and find out which works best for you then focus your attention on that one.

Use your AVS sites just as you would a sponsor site. Make TGP galleries to promote them. Make free sites to promote them. Optimize all of the pages on the tour for search engines so you can get some free search engine traffic. Any way you can think of that you would use to send traffic to a sponsor site you should use to send to your AVS site. Over time you can build many AVS sites and create a nice network of sites. With some time effort and patience you may find yourself never using a sponsor again. Many paysite owners started with AVS sites then once they had it down they started a regular paysite. Whether you plan to use it as a stepping stone or as revenue stream AVS sites, done correctly, can be a great source of income for those willing to put in the effort.

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