Using Banner Ads to Increase Traffic

Statistics say that at least 56% of Net Surfers pay attention to banner ads. Your job here is to capture their attention to the point that they are compelled to click on your banner and visit your site.


Tips to improve your banner ads performance...

ANIMATION can improve your click-through rate by up to 25%. Try to be gentle with animation. A flashing cursor or an arrow that changes colors attracts attention, which is what you want. But it is important to remember that too much animation will result in a lower banner ad click rate. Try to make sure that the surfer will be able to understand your message within the first few frames.

CRYPTIC MESSAGES can improve the click-through rate by up to 18%. Messages like "Click Here" and "Enter Here" without an obvious hint to where it leads can stimulate every persons curiosity. Although this technique may bring more visitors, they may not be well targeted visitors.

QUESTIONS can also be effective in increasing click-throughs. Questions like "Tired of the same amateur content?" or "Did you know your computer is watching you?" can arouse the hope that there may be solutions the surfer is not yet aware of. Thus he may be compelled to investigate further. You might also want to let the surfer come up with his own questions by not phrasing your message in the form of a question. For example, "The Sexiest Babes Are Here." What babes? Why are they sexier than the girls on other sites? Could it be new content that I havent seen yet.

CLEANLINESS is obviously important in that banners that are difficult to read, wont get clicked. Avoid using too many words or images on your banner. A banner that is too busy will inspire confusion or irritation more than anything else. Many of the best performing banners contain less than 6 words, and most of them are one syllable. Shoot for terse and clean.

IMAGES ARE BETTER than just plain words. The old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, rings true here. But make sure that your images are relevant and get your message across. If you are using an image it might help you to limit the text. For example, a barred credit card suggests that your site doesnt require credit card payments. Add an image of a sexy girl, and it suggests that you have an adult oriented site without using any words. Add text such as "Click here for only the highest quality pics…" and you are done.

A CALL TO ACTION really can improve click-throughs. Using simple phrases like "Click Here Now!" can increase the click-through rate by up to 35%. Also, using the word "Free" can often bring dramatic results.

BRIGHT COLORS are good. It has been shown that blue, green and yellow work the best.

FRESHNESS is another important factor. People are more attracted to new things and ideas. Banner content works like site content in that people are more likely to click on a new banner than one theyve already clicked.

Tips on what to AVOID with banners...

COLORS such as red, black and white.

URGENCY tends to turn people off. "Limited time only" and similar phrases tend to lessen response, unlike calling a surfer to action with phrases such as "Click Now" which usually increase response.

LACK OF FOCUS results in lower response. Keep your banner tightly focused on one narrow topic.

UNREADABLE banners dont get clicked. Be sure that your banner is clear and easy to read.

Other methods of pulling in traffic...

SUBMIT your website to search engines and web directories. There are many online services that will submit your site to hundreds of search engines and directories. Some of them will only submit to a limited number of search engines but they are often free to use. Others will do a more thorough job for a modest fee.

META TAGS are also very important because they allow search engines such as Web Crawler to find your site and add it to their database automatically.

PRESS RELEASES for your sites products (such as toys) or services (memberships) can boost your traffic in a big way. You can write your own or use an agency to write and/or send out releases for fees ranging from under a hundred to several hundred dollars. Press releases are sent to news agencies and other media, so its quite possible to have an article written about your web site in a major newspaper or magazine.

E-MAIL RELEASES can be good or bad. Bad e-mail releases are those that are considered spam. Opt-in lists, where surfers sign up for mailings or newsletters are generally considered safe ground. A good e-mail release with a well-crafted ad can be a surprisingly effective way to generate traffic. Beware of using disreputable bulk e-mail services (there are many), the consequences can be devastating. A legitimate e-mail service is well worth the price.

CONTENT that is fresh will give people a reason to come back to your site again and again. You should update daily or weekly according the needs and tastes of your customers. Not only will they come back, but they will be a good source of free promotion, as nothing brings new customers like word of mouth.


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