The Male Obsession with Female Breasts

I was watching a commercial on television last night that got me thinking about the topic of this particular article. The underlying themes and messages in mass media sometimes inspire me to write. Anyways, there is a mystery that baffles women everywhere. It is one that, historically speaking, is a fairly recent development, which means that it does not date back to the caveman years. It is a mystery that affects men around the world, but is predominantly rooted in North America. What is this mystery you ask? It is the male obsession with the female breast.

There is no denying that most red-blooded North American men are completely fascinated by the female chest. It is the first part of a woman’s body that they notice and it is the part of the body that keeps men from noticing anything else about the woman. If a male passed an attractive woman on the street who had a double D chest, I am sure if you asked him two hours later what color of hair she had, he would have forgotten. If you put two girls in a room together with thirty men and one was completely hot but flat-chested while the other was just okay looking but had a huge rack, who do you think would get the most attention? I think that we all know the answer to that one. So why is it that guys are obsessed with the breasts? 

There are quite a few theories out there to explain a man’s love for the female breast. One assumption is that men are curious about them because they themselves do not have them. This way of thinking makes sense on some levels because it is a part of the body that men do have, but not in the same capacity as women. Men could be wondering what it would be like to have big mounds of flesh hanging off their bodies, but I really do not buy this theory. For one, if this were really the case, then wouldn’t females be obsessed with staring at penises? You do not see many women walking around staring at males’ crotches. Us females do not base our first impression of a guy on the size of his bulge. 

There are also psychological theories that also try to explain why men are so enamored by the endowment of women. It is said that reason that males love boobs so much, stems back to when they were babies and they found nourishment and comfort in their mother’s breast. I would buy this explanation if it were true that all people, men and women, were obsessed with breasts, but as it stands, it is mostly men that feel this way. Both sexes are breastfed as babies; so according to this theory, they would both have a love for breasts, which clearly is not the case. 

The theory that I think is most valid, and the reason that I believe men love boobs, is because they are the most visible parts of the female anatomy. Men seem to love sexual organs that stick out from the body, as is evident from their preoccupation with their own genitalia. They love being able to fondle and play with something that is so easily accessible, which is the case for both the female breast and the male appendage. Men love breasts because they are big, soft, and touchable and they have the sensitivity to sexually arouse women. Men see boobs as a window into the sexual soul of a woman. They know that if they caress and tease a woman’s breasts in just the right way, that they may gain access into the more intimate places on her body. 

I have explained some of the theories that are out there, as well as my belief behind the mystery of the male obsession with female breasts, but there is another mystery that has to do with this subject that should have some light shed on it. It is worth discussing that the attitudes of North American males towards the sexual nature of breasts vastly differ from the overall viewpoint of men from other parts of the world. In Europe, women walk the beaches topless and many of the saunas are co-ed. In European countries, breasts are more likely to be thought of as a natural part of the human body then as a sexual toy. In Middle Eastern societies, women are not allowed to expose any hint of the female chest, or any part of her body for that matter. The males in those countries have to rely on a woman’s eyes, her scent, or her personality for sexual arousal. While there are cultural differences stemming from this matter, the fact remains that in our part of the world, the breasts are seen as objects of sexual desire, and our obsession with them will probably never change.

In North America we use the female form as a mass media propaganda tool to promote sexual feelings in the general public. We encourage the male obsession with female breasts, instead of trying to curb it. Every time we turn on MTV, open a magazine, play a videogame, watch a movie; there will be a nice rack just staring us in the face. In the fifties, it was Marilyn Monroe and the Barbie Doll, and today it is Pamela Anderson, Jessica Simpson, and Lara Croft. Us women may never truly understand the male fondness for breasts, but we are going to have to just accept it because it will not go away.


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