Hanging on to your traffic.

I have a theory about traffic that some people share and others don’t. Some people feel like if you show a free site or gallery to someone and they don’t buy anything, they are not ever going to buy anything from you and you are best off just getting rid of them before they cost you more bandwidth. I disagree. I think that if you can hang on to surfers for as long as possible you might end up with a sale after all. This article will give you some ideas on how to link sites and connect you porn empire to best hang onto the traffic.


This is the age old question. There are a million potential answers, but there is one that I think really rings true for porn sites. That is that the surfer has either seen what you are selling before, or you are not offering them exactly what they want. For example if you have a teen gallery listed on a TGP maybe the visitor has seen your sponsor’s site and isn’t interested in it. You did nothing wrong. Your only sin is promoting the same site someone else is. Another example would be with that same teen site the visitor clicks through and checks out the site, but doesn’t really like it and leaves. Again, you really did nothing wrong, you just didn’t offer him a site he wanted.

There are many other reasons people don’t buy memberships including cost, comfort level, content and many more. Many of these you can’t control. What you do have a little control over is showing them more than one thing for sale. Think of it like a car lot. If you are trying to sell someone a car and after a test drive they don’t like it, you offer them another car. The same goes for porn.


Over the past several months I have written a bunch of different articles giving you ideas on different ways to do things including building free sites, TGP galleries, top lists, and others. In these articles I have mentioned linking your sites together and building hub sites (there is even a hub site article out there for you to check out). As an advanced technique we will talk about trading traffic with your own sites and doing everything you can to hang onto a visitor once you have them.

Here are a few things you can do. First, on every TGP gallery you submit make sure you have a recip to a site of your own. I actually use several different recips for different niches. I want my amateur galleries to send people to more amateur based sites so the recip I put up goes to my amateur links. My teen galleries have a recip to teen links and so on. These link sites list nothing but free sites I have built, sponsor free hosted galleries and sponsor free hosted sites. They will also include any other sites of mine that think should be in here. 

It works like this: A surfer visits my TGP gallery and clicks the recip I have on the gallery to my link site. There he finds a link site with a few hundred sites listed. There are ads on the pages and this link site looks like any other link site you might find. The catch is that every site is mine or sponsor hosted with my affiliate codes. Those that are mine also have links in them to other link sites I run. So the surfer browses a half dozen of my sites and still buys nothing. Then on one of the sites he clicks a link that takes him to another of my link sites. Here he finds a few hundred more site links and starts browsing. On site 15 he sees something he links, clicks the sponsor and signs up. I just made a sale. If I hadn’t had that recip on my gallery he would have either gone to another site or back to the TGP he came from and I would have never seen him again and I’m $30 poorer. By networking all my sites together I was able to continue feeding him sites until he found something he liked.

The second way to get traffic to these sites is basically what I mentioned above. In each free site you build have a link on the main page that offers to take the visitor to your link site with all your other free sites. With having recips on your TGP galleries and links in your free sites you will pretty quickly start to build up a nice stream of traffic to your link sites. These are often people that were not going to buy anything on your free site anyway so you are now getting extra chances to sell them.


Here is how I do this. First pick your four favorite niches. For this example I will use teen, amateur, Asian and lesbian. Start by building your galleries and free sites. I would suggest doing one free site per day and just rotate through the four niches. I personally do two TGP galleries a day so you can choose to do one or two whichever you have time for. Each of these sites will have links to you niche specific link sites. NOTE: I buy new domains for all my link sites. They are cheap and it looks better to have something that looks like VS www.domain.com/links/hotteen. As you build your galleries and free sites start uploading them to your sever and start building your link sites to list them. You will eventually end up with 30 free sites and 30-60 TGP galleries and 4 links sites each with 15 or more links on it. 

Now start cross linking. You might have a site you listed on the teen link site that would also fit the amateur link site so put it there too. Or you might have a lesbian site that has Asian girls in it so you can put it on the Asian links. Now start hitting your sponsors and grabbing free hosted galleries and free hosted sites if they have any. Use these to fill out your link sites and give them more options. I would add another 50-60 links on each site if possible. Once you have the link sites fleshed out with free hosted sites and galleries you want to link each of the link sites to each other. Now you start submitting. Each day you submit one free site and one or two TGP galleries. As the traffic starts to build on these sites and galleries you will start seeing traffic trickle into your link sites. Now is the perfect time to start optimizing your link sites for search engines. Check out my article on basic Google SEO to get some ideas on how to do this. With a lot of inbound links and regular updates your link sites will be fertile ground for search engines robots. 

As the month goes on your traffic to the link sites will steadily increase. Now is when you want to start working on next months. Build another 30 sites and another 30-60 galleries. Upload them and start linking to them on your sites. If you run blogs or toplists or TGPs of your own you will now want to start linking to and from them on your link lists. Building the link list and making regular updates will keep it fresh for search engines, it will increase the chance of people book marking the site and coming back to it and as it grows it offers more of your sites to the visitor. Your plan here is that once someone is on one of your link sites you don’t ever want them seeing a site that is not either yours or a sponsor free hosted site/gallery. This way no matter what site they choose to buy from, it will be one of yours. 

I personally work in several niches so I would say that if you are comfortable in doing that it is okay to start even more link lists and build sites for them in many different niches. It all depends on how well you know the niche and how much time you have to put into the project.

Done correctly you will eventually have every site and gallery you have ever built linked to every other site and gallery you have out there and it will give you more chances to sell things. Some people will say this is giving too much free porn away. They are somewhat correct. In a perfect world there would be no free porn. But free porn is not going anywhere anytime soon so it might as well be your free porn with your ads that they are seeing.





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