Software Review: Chameleon Submitter 2.01

The typical webmaster’s day is filled with a myriad of tasks. Some of these chores require your full attention while others are repetitive and mind numbing. 

As an adult webmaster you can either choose to do the work yourself, outsource the labor, or utilize software that combines the control and time-saving aspects of the first two options respectively.

Chameleon Submitter is the perfect example of just such software. CS is an intelligent tool that greatly diminishes the tedious task of submitting galleries without sacrificing the precision of hand submission.

The recent release of version 2.01 further cements Chameleon Submitter’s lead in the TGP/MGP submission software race. A multitude of improvements and feature additions have been made with the most notable being the following:

71 Niche Categories – No matter what kind of site you are promoting, CS 2.01 has got you covered.

FTP Upload Tool – Now you can avoid leaving the Chameleon Submitter interface during the submission process saving you even more time.

Automatic Code Filling – Several types of verification codes are now automatically entered allowing even more sites to be switched to auto-submission.

Auto Movie Info – Never again do you have to open each and every movie on your MGP gallery and jot down the length or add up the file sizes.

Auto Thumbnail Creator – This is by far my favorite new feature. You just select the area of the image that will be common to all the thumbnails and CS 2.01 will crop and create over 50 different sized thumbs. Once again, allowing even more sites to be switched from manual to auto-submission.

So what’s the workflow like when using CS 2.01?

It only takes a few submissions before you’re familiar enough with the program to complete all the data entry and be ready to upload the duplicated galleries in less than five minutes. Once the files are uploaded you can use the “Check Duplicated Galleries” tool to make sure that your pages and recips are loading correctly.

Depending on your connection speed it is possible to set CS to auto-submit to as many as 10 sites simultaneously. It’s also possible to begin submitting manually while CS is auto-submitting, which is hardly a ‘manual’ process thanks to the auto-filling of forms and most verification codes.

But what kind of traffic can you expect? Any experienced adult webmaster can tell you that there are simply too many variables to make an estimate. The quality of your content and design, your partner accounts and even just plain luck all play a role in how many horny surfers end up at your spot on the information superhighway. 

What I can say for certain is that you will receive more traffic by adding CS 2.01 to your existing submission routine. There are hundreds of small unknown TGPs in the CS database which you would never take the time to submit to manually. Another certainty is that you will save time and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome by allowing CS to duplicate, fill, and create the plethora of html pages, form fields and thumbnails.

As a last note, be sure to pick up Chameleon Confirmer along with your Chameleon Submitter purchase to take care of those hundreds of confirmation emails in just a few seconds. Its worth is immeasurable and only costs the price of about one sale.

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