Conducting Real World Business

Many adult webmasters conduct business exclusively over instant messenger, and for good reason, it’s quick, convenient, and relatively reliable.  It’s the wave of the future in an ever-expanding online business world.  There will be times, though, when doing business face-to-face is not only preferable to your client, but also demanded.  Don’t let the future of business stall you in the present.  If you’re not experienced with real world business practices, here are some important items to remember and execute.

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Dress Properly <!--[endif]-->


Just because you deem it sufficient to wear anything to work at your computer doesn’t mean the rest of society accepts that sort of style.  Not even casual clothing is going to cut it here.  At the very least you need to be well groomed with a business casual outfit (nice pants with a collared shirt).  Your clothes are going to be what your soon-to-be partner is going to notice first, impress them.  The old cliché about first impressions has stuck for so long because it is true.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some of good options:,,

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The Handshake <!--[endif]-->


This may not seem important to you, but many see the handshake as a defining moment in a business relationship.   Many business people are just as – if not more – interested in hiring a personality over a concept.  They feel more comfortable signing an agreement with someone they can truly trust over another individual with a better proposal, and this is why the handshake is so important. 

You walk towards them with confidence, looking them in the eyes, put forward your right hand, and firmly grip palm to palm.  You have their attention and respect… now knock them out with your proposal.

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Speak Properly <!--[endif]-->


Do not talk as if this person is your best friend, meaning no cursing, slang, or potentially inappropriate jokes.  More importantly, however, you speak with confidence in full, proper words.  Nothing such as “umm”, “ya know”, “like”, or other commonly used pause words are effective.  Take your time; think about your response then pound it out.

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Grammar is just as important in conversation as it is on written documents.  There is absolutely no place for “ain’t” or “I says” or anything of the sort in a business meeting.  You’re probably going to be talking with an educated individual (and even if they aren’t, they are going to be business savvy) and one of the worst things you can do is to speak like your 14 year old niece.

Lastly, do not be a speed talker.  Many people, especially women, when they get nervous start throwing out a thousand words a minute just to be done with the stress of the proposal.  This is not attractive to a potential client or partner.  Talk at a normal, comfortable pace.

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Don’t Let Your Guard Down

There are many shrewd and skilled business people out there and the adult industry has its fair share of them.  They may try and do a number of things to throw you off your game to see what you’re really made of.  One particularly common testing method is to act very chummy and casual to see if you’re willing to follow.  Of course, it’s kind to reciprocate niceties but never let your guard down to the point where you are not effectively conveying your ideas in a professional manner.  You are there to create a business arrangement, not see who can do the most shots before passing out. <!--[endif]-->


Other common forms of testing are comparing you to a rival or their proposal, asking hard & fast direct questions to test your preparedness, and quizzing you on hypothetical scenarios.  Just keep your cool, think out your response and present it as articulately as you can. 

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Drive a Nice Car

It never hurts to be arriving in style!

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