The Need for Quality Erotic Story Content

It’s time to sing the praises of erotic story content. For too many webmasters, sex stories don’t enter into their plans or they fail to recognize what erotic stories can do to enhance their sites. Erotic stories are a great addition to any website, particularly pay sites. As well as being additional content, surfers like them, and more importantly, they want them.

Pictures, videos and movie clips give the surfer something immediate, but stories allow the reader to use their mind and imagination. There is a reason it is said that the mind is your biggest sex organ. Appeal to your surfers on every level. Every resource you can incorporate will help in conversions and retention.

Sex stories keep your members on site longer, giving you the extra time and opportunity to make more sales. As a plus, many readers become fans of a particular writer or genre of stories. Adding frequent author additions or providing serial stories will tempt your members to stay on.

The problem that arises with erotic story content is in the quality. Stories should be viewed in the same regard as your other content, whether it’s pictures, movies, etc. Filling your member’s area or website with poor or low quality pictures and videos won’t retain your members. The same applies equally to your sex story content.

Too many times, people think that because they have had many sexual escapades or have some hot ideas, they can write their own stories. This is just not the case - not everyone can write a good erotic story. Writing good erotica is every bit as difficult and structured as writing in any genre. 

Writing erotic stories demands the same skill and literary knowledge as writing anything else. If you can’t construct well thought out sentences, use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, your stories will not satisfy your reader’s expectations.

Whether your stories are short strokers for the one-handed reader type or carefully plotted stories with a full climax, if they are badly written, they will not keep your reader interested or a horny customer. They want to get off - and you need to deliver. 

Many of your readers will want a full story. Short sex scenes work better alongside pictures or if selling a particular service or product. But to story readers, they want more than just the sex scene. Careful attention must be given to the plot, the characters and then, of course, all the hot sexual action. Stories must come alive and draw the reader in. In the world of computers and back buttons, this must be done quick and effectively. 

When it comes to reading erotica or any writing on the web, a few things need to be taken into consideration. First of all, paragraphs must be short. A big glob of text is visually unappealing and most would rather just click by then try to get through it. 

Font is also important. It doesn’t matter how much you may like a particular font, size, or style, the writing must be easy to read. Good story writers know the tricks to making online erotica appealing and enjoyable to read. They have the skill to write what you need, and more importantly, what keeps your members coming back for more.

We all know that good text sells. This same premise holds true with sex stories. When purchasing erotic story content, make sure you are purchasing quality and well written stories. Shop around, get examples and make sure you are getting the excellence you need to satisfy your clientele. With any type of content, pay for quality and your surfers will reward you in the end.

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Now we know who the sesbnlie one is here. Great post!
December 10th, 2011
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