Building a Fake TGP


Anyone who has ever built or tried to build and operate a TGP knows that it is a lot of work and that it takes a lot of time and commitment before it starts to pay off. Today’s article is going to teach you how to make a fake TGP that uses only sponsor hosted galleries that you will not have to worry about updating and will pretty much run on its own once you have it built.


Right off I will tell you that this is going to cost you a few dollars, but not all that much. You will need a domain and hosting that meets the scripts you are going to use needs. You will also need to collect a nice large amount of free hosted galleries. Just about every sponsor out there these days has FHGs for you to use so you shouldn’t have any trouble amassing a nice list. Once you have your list of galleries and your domain live it is time to build the site.

Putting together a fake TGP won’t take a great designer. You should be able to do all the work yourself. You want to keep it basic. You want them to get to the site and see the galleries and any ads that you have easily. You can go light on the ads since every gallery on the site is yours and you will get paid for any sales from the galleries. How many days worth of galleries you choose to list and how many galleries you list per day is all up to you. I find having 2-3 days worth of galleries with around 50-70 galleries per day is plenty. After you have your basic layout up and running we move on to the scripts.


You will need at least one script and maybe two for this project. The first script you will need is a gallery rotating script. There are two out there that I know of. The first is Smart Thumbs ( and the second is TGPX ( Both have a lot of features and can do a lot of things for you. They allow you to make thumb preview TGPs as well as text only TGPs. Installing these scripts can be a little difficult if you have never done it. Both companies offer installation for a fee and they both come with good support and nice documentation. One cool thing I should mention is that Smart Thumbs does offer a free version of the software that takes a small portion of your traffic in exchange for using the script. If you decide to buy a script it will cost you anywhere from $80 to $230 depending on which version of the script you get and if you pay to have it installed.

The optional script you may want is a traffic trading script. This script will allow you to skim traffic from the galleries and send it to other sites for return traffic. It’s a pretty common thing done among TGPs. If you decide to do this there are a lot of traffic trading scripts out there that range in price from free up to several hundred dollars. I would suggest starting with a free one like Turbo Traffic Trader ( if you are just getting started. Once you get the hang of things you can buy something bigger if you want. Check out our scripts page on this site for links to plenty of traffic scripts.

After you have your scripts installed and running properly you will need to import your galleries. This process can be quick if you let the scripts do all the work and it can take some time if you want to customize how they are imported. If you want a thumb script or a site that has simple descriptions like “amateur thumbs” or “hardcore movies” the scripts really are good at automating that. If you personally write long descriptions for 20,000 FHGs it could take you a long time. 

Import your galleries, cut the code into your template as per the scripts instructions and set the options for the script which will determine how galleries are displayed and how often they are rotated. There are a lot of options here so I suggest you just play around with it a little bit and see what you like.

Once you have everything done you will have a fully functional working TGP that will auto-rotate the galleries as per your settings and will give the look of a site that is updated every day. I suggest using some java script to put the date on the page that changes with the server clock that way repeat visitors will see a new date every day and think that site is updated every day by you. It is updated daily, it’s just that you haven’t actually done anything.


Fake TGPs are great places to send you 404 traffic. When I started my fake TGP I redirected all my 404 traffic to and found I was sending about 5K a day to it just from that.

Another idea is to put a link to your fake TGP on every gallery you make. You won’t get a ton of traffic from any of these links, but a few hits from each spread out over 100’s of pages can add up. 

Link to it from any link sites you have or free sites that you may build. You can also build TGP galleries simply with the plan of using them to send traffic to the fake TGP.

You can buy traffic if you want. Sometimes getting some nice feeder traffic can be fairly inexpensive and can really get your site off and running with a bam. I would recommend this if you are trading traffic with others. A nice infuse of traffic is a great way to jump start your trades. If you are aiming for a site that doesn’t trade traffic, but will build bookmarkers and keep people coming back feeder traffic still might be a good idea. Remember every gallery they visit is yours so you aren’t throwing away traffic to other people and missing sales.

You can also choose not to skim traffic and submit your site to toplists and trade traffic with other sites using straight link trades. It takes longer to build this type of traffic up, but it is a little higher in quality.


Since you get any sales that are made on the galleries themselves I would suggest that you advertise alternative products like sex toys and dating type sites on the actual TGP. If people want to join a porn site they have dozens of galleries to choose from, so you can offer them something different and catch the eyes of those not looking to join a porn site.


As you build and submit your own TGP galleries make sure to add them into your queue on your fake TGP so you can take advantage of your own traffic. Keep up with different sponsors. If you see a new sponsor out there that has some hot FHGs add them to your queue and give them a try.


Once you have a fake TGP up and running and making you some money, start a new one. Now you know what you are doing so setting it up won’t take as long or be as hard. Even if your first TGP isn’t that big, no worries, if you get your fake TGP up to getting 2,000 visitors a day you can build 5 of them and now you have access to 10,000 visitors. Build 10 and it is 20,000 and so on. There is nothing wrong with owning 50 fake TGPs that each get 2,000 visitors. When you have access to traffic like that you can sell ads on your TGPs or you can just sit back and enjoy the income from them since they update automatically and you aren’t doing anything to make them run. 

Building a fake TGP isn’t something that is super easy. It takes a little patience and has a learning curve as you install and learn the scripts and then learn about trading traffic, but it can be something that, once you master it, gets you some nice income with very little work. Like Dire Straits said, “Money for nothing.” Sadly, though, it will only be pictures of chicks for free. J



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