Making Money In The Leg And Foot Fetish Niches

There are many different niches within the fetish world – not to mention the porn world in general – with legs and feet being one of the larger more popular of the mico-niches. While it may be a large “micro-niche” legs and feet are still small in comparison to butts, boobs and other niches. For me, however, it is one of the more profitable niches out there. This article will give you some ideas on how to capitalize on it. 


I don’t know a guy alive that hasn’t looked at a babe with nice long, slender legs in a mini skirt and not been impressed. While many guys are not “leg men” they can appreciate and really like a nice pair of legs. When it comes to feet there are fewer guys that find them sexual, but their love of feet is really intense. For those who are obsessed with legs and feet you will want to zero in on a few things. First off it is all about these body parts. She may have a nice ass, great tits and a perfect belly, but for guys looking for legs and feet those things come second. Focus your sites and the content of your sites on those aspects of her body.

When you pick out the content for your sites/galleries you will want to keep this focus in mind. I like to tease into the feet and legs. Think in reverse from what you would normally do. Normally you would show the girl dressed, then maybe she does a little strip tease and eventually she gets naked and shows off her pussy, tits, ass or gets into some hardcore action. Here her feet and legs are the prize so you want to tease the visitors with that. Start your gallery pages off with some full body shots and use pics/vids that show her legs and feet either covered up or a little obscured form view. As the gallery moves down the page start showing off her legs and feet more and more. Save your best stuff for the bottom of your page where you have your biggest sales pitch. Show the feet and legs. Show the footjobs and the trampling. Whatever foot and leg based site you are promoting has give it to them in a small does. Now is the time to show your hand and give them a little taste of what they want. You have teased them, and then delivered a little bit; now encourage them to click through to your sponsor for more action.

You have to always keep in mind that the feet and legs are the focus of the story. If you have 30 pictures to pick from and most of them show the girl getting naked and having sex, but a few show off her toes getting licked and her feet wrapped around a guy’s dick, those are the pics you want to use. Sex is good, sex with feet is great! 


Many affiliate programs out there now have feet and leg sites and many of them suck. They suck for the same reason that many galleries and free sites featuring feet and legs don’t succeed. They take their eyes off the prize. A site that is very well designed and features some cute girls on it with a few shots of them showing off their legs is nice, but it won’t really interest the leg and feet fetishist. On the other hand a site that doesn’t have a great design, but has some kick ass samples of foot fucking and leg worship will go over well with the visitor. When you surf a sponsor’s site ask yourself this question, “If I were obsessed with legs and feet, would this site turn me on?” Use the same logic you would use on yourself. If you are, like me, an ass man, what about certain sites featuring girls with nice asses does it for you? Now apply that logic to feet. If you go to a site and are a little bored by it, then you can pass it by. If you hit a site and find yourself ready to fuck a girl on the tour’s toes even though you aren’t really into feet, this is a site you want to promote. 

Much of the time I prefer pay per signup, but I don’t hesitate to use revshare with sites like these because, if the site is good, the member’s tend to say awhile. I would ask the program for temporary password so you can check out the site and see how often it is updated, how much content they have and of what quality that content is. 


Sure you will want to submit your free sites and galleries to fetish link lists and TGPs, but don’t skip on the regular link lists and TGPs. Many people hit these sites up regularly looking for this type of content, but they rarely find something they like so they move on. If you have a quality gallery or site listed here you will find that you have much less competition here than on the fetish based link lists and your conversions will probably be better not to mention many of the webmasters that run these sites will be glad to have something different to offer their visitors.

Make sure to optimize your sites for search engines. People looking for any kind of fetish content are often disappointed with what they see on big link lists and TGPs so they turn to the search engines as a way to find it. These types of surfers are golden because they know what they want and they are willing to pay for it when they find it.

Many people may tell you to sell what you know and that is often good advice. If you like hot lesbian action, sell hot lesbian action because you will probably be very good at it. If you like MILFs, sell MILFS. That said, selling many of the micro niches is pretty easy if you are just able to put yourself in a different mindset and look at things with a different angle than most. If you can do this and commit to building some good sites and galleries you will find much less competition and higher returns for your efforts when you work within the leg and foot fetish market.


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Omar says:
Sounds like great advice..How can a footfetish enthusiast/entreprenurial minded person like myself start from the ground up? How do I create a site to start promoting?
December 3rd, 2010
at 10:08am EST
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Greg says:
I agree - don't look as much at design, content is more important especially in revshare. There are
March 7th, 2008
at 10:22am EST
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huy says:
February 23rd, 2008
at 2:33am EST
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