Targeting Female Porn Surfers

There is a certain misguided assumption that all porn surfers are dirty old men. While, it is most likely true that dirty old men do like pornographic material, it seems that there are lots of categories or demographics of people that do get excited by sexual content as well. One of these categories, surprisingly enough, is women. A recent study conducted by Neilson determined that the percentage of women who access online porn has been growing over the past couple of years, and in fact, is still growing today. Their research found that nearly one in three visitors to adult websites is a women and that in September of this year, nearly 9.4 million women in the United States accessed online porn. These statistics are shocking, especially when you consider that about 98% of the adult entertainment websites out there are directed towards men. Where are all these women porn surfers going? Surely these female porn lovers are not all going to the pink, flowery, softcore, women’s only sites that seem to be the only thing available out there for them. 

Due to this astonishing statistical information regarding female porn surfers, I feel the need to ask the question, “What exactly are women turned on by?” We all know that there are a small percentage of adult entertainment sites available that “claim” to cater to women, offering what they believe women want. Some of these sites are great and portray great insight into what drives women sexually, while others are so far off that they should instead be sites for gay men. Like men, every woman is different and is turned on by different things, and often, men and women enjoy the same kind of erotic content. There are many myths circling around this industry about the tastes that women have in porn. Some say that women are more stimulated by stories and erotic fiction than by videos and pictures. Others believe that women prefer to see just naked men by themselves, as opposed to men with women. There is also the generalization that women prefer their porn to be more softcore and couples orientated than men do. While these things may all be true for some women, there is still a large percentage of females that get fired up from other types of content.

Many of the women that I know or have spoken too about this issue, when asked about their porn preferences, have claimed to like the same type of porn that males are attracted to. These women stated that if given a choice between an adult website directed at females, or a hardcore sex site, they would choose the hardcore sex site. These women proclaimed that they get aroused not only by hardcore content, but lesbian activity, and fetish material. Most webmasters of websites directed towards a male audience, are probably not even aware of the small but potentially substantial percentage of women that are perhaps members of their sites. If they knew, would they design or market their sites differently? Would there even be a need to? To determine the answers to these questions, you have to first examine the different needs that women have, or what in fact drives a women to online porn. 

There are a variety of reasons that women seek out online adult entertainment. They may be missing out on sexual stimulation in their personal life, and they use the porn as their means for sexual gratification. Some women may have a relationship that lacks that certain excitement and they need a little help to get the juices flowing. These two groups of women will enjoy any kind of porn from the softcore women sites to the hardcore sex sites. Some females visit online porn sites along with their significant others, either for entertainment purposes, or to jumpstart a sexual interlude. This group of women will tend to avoid the softcore women’s sites due to the fact that they are enjoying the porn with the men in their lives. They will instead opt for something that is pleasing for both men and women, such as a hardcore sex or even a lesbian site. Other women are just plain lonely, and use the erotic Internet for a means of companionship. These women will flock to the chat or webcam sites, where they can have a chance to interact with other people in a similar situation as themselves. 

Webmasters need to acknowledge the fact that women probably are included in their membership base. More and more, women are driven towards the world of online porn, due to its anonymity, ease of use, and affordability. What should webmasters do to capitalize on this growing demographic? You could develop a new kind of “for women” site. You may be able to reuse much of the content you already have if you currently run paysites. Also you have the option of creating an additional tour that targets women specifically for a site you currently run. While this is an unexplored area for many webmasters, its important that this additional revenue stream is kept in mind.

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