Muffy's February 2004 Message Board Review

It’s that time again; time for me to give you the low-down on what is going on in the online adult business. I set out on a little journey around the Webmaster message boards to catch up on the gossip and to get some great business tips. If you do not have time to scour the top boards regularly, please read on because I have compiled a review and summary of the biggest and best boards out there.

Over at GFY there was the usual hodge-podge of bitch-fests, scandals, rumors, and actual business. I was surprised to see that people were still talking about the whole Paris Hilton video. I mean, that was so two months ago. Of course all the boys are talking about Valentines Day and what they got their girlfriends or wives. Guys, listen up, if you got your women anything they're probably thrilled. I was interested to see that there was actually a lot of political talk as well, which makes sense with the upcoming elections. My favorite discussion on the board was a thread titled, “When you first started in adult, how much capital did you have?”. The best part about it is that a lot of big guns in this industry responded by saying that they started out with nothing.

I usually find Netpond to be a perfect mix of business and pleasure and this time was no exception. Some of the threads I enjoyed that leaned towards the fun side were, “C’mon Guys – Show us your dicks!” , “Water Vs. Coke” , and “Why Men Should Not Babysit”. There were a few good business related threads, but only one that is really worth mentioning: “What programming languages do you know?”. It’s nice to read about the skills and talents of the webmasters in this industry. The most popular thread on the board was titled, “ – Come party in London”. Apparently on February 28th there is a big Webmaster party that will take place on a cruise on the Thames. If you live in Europe, you will definitely want to read about this networking opportunity.

YNOT Masters
There was definitely no room for goofing around on this board. It had a real ominous feel to it which some really serious topics being presented. For some reason, there seemed to be a lot of religious talk on YNOT, which I think was a little out of place in this particular industry. One thread titled, “The Passion of Christ”, discussed an interview in which Mel Gibson talked about his feelings towards religion. The thread also accused Mel of being an anti-Semite. There was another thread title that read, “Priests and Sex Abuse”, which discussed the scandals that have occurred involving established members of the Catholic Church. The third religious thread was strangely named, “The Pornography Industry Vs. Airline Christianity”. The thread got its name from a mix-up when trying to access an article on CNN and really has nothing to do with a connection between porn and some form of air bound religion. On top of the heavy discussions involving religion, there was also a lot of political talk on YNOT, most of it being rumors of scandals involving presidential hopefuls. The best thread on the board was one that discussed a billing giant, "iBill being sold".

This board always has a lighter feel to it. It is not a board where you go to piss on or slander people, nor is it a place for heavy issues. On this particular visit to the board, I found that there was not too much going on, except for some fun threads, and some light discussions on laptop features, time zone differences, and masturbation. One thread that I found particularly interesting was one titled, “Questions for new webmasters”. It encourages newbies to speak up and ask any questions they have about the adult business. If you are new to the industry, check it out for some great discussion about issues that are a concern to every newbie.

This board contained a real mélange of topics ranging from religion, to politics, to world issues, to celebrities. Let’s start with the most popular thread of the board, which was, “Canadian’s Don’t Like Dubaya”. This thread had the Americans and Canadians pitted against each other arguing over who lived in the better country. My favorite thread was one called, “What kind of nation would you build”, which encourages board members to go play a game online which allows you to create your own nation.

Porno Junkies
There are a lot of Canadian members over at Porno Junkies so of course there is a lot of talk about hockey. We all know that it is the greatest sport in the world (wink wink). One thread that may be of interest to you newbies out there was, “Porn Income Guide”. It talks about how much income is decent in this business. Oddly enough, the most popular thread was one that was called, “List of people that I don’t like”. It seems like a thread that would be more at home over at GFY. If you are looking for a funny read about the somewhat lacking IQ of porn stars check out, “This is why porn stars always look so fucking dumb”.

Underwear Lounge
Our very own message board keeps on steadily adding members. Do not be afraid to speak up and talk about any issues that are on your mind. If you are a newbie and have questions, please post them and we will answer them as best we can. We want to encourage all of you to stop lurking and start posting!

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