G.A.S.S. 2.0 Software Review

Itchys got G.A.S.S. and this shit doesnt stink! The newest version of G.A.S.S. (Gallery Accelerator Submission System) is out on the market and it is soooooooo much better then the last one that I wonder why the first one even worked so good. The first thing I noticed in the new version is how great the documentation is, it just blows the old one out of the water.

With the newest G.A.S.S. you can make your own custom lists of TGPs and set up niche TGP lists. The new database for adding TGPs also blows the old one away. Darksoft really knew what they were doing this time. The only bad thing is they are selling it for a bit more and now it will cost you the price of dinner with your girl/boyfriend at the local take out twice or a dinner and a lunch, LOL -- $45 is the asking price for the new version. The first things that youll see when opening the program are the various tabs:

The Tutorial Tab
The tutorial section is laid out very nice and simple so reading and understanding this version is a snap. Screen captures along with plain English explanations make the learning curve a very fast and short one. The tab opens to a table of contents that contains 2 lessons. The first lesson is on the duplicator part of the software and the second lesson is on the submitter part. You will have to remember that G.A.S.S. isnt an auto submitter but it will save you a few hours of work, and any time saved is well worth the program alone!!! If you could save even 1 hour a day and if you figure your time is worth no less then $10 a hour, the program would pay for itself in the first week you use it. :o)

The Duplicator Tab
Here is where you setup G.A.S.S. to make all the extra gallery pages you will need. This area has also been improved on since the last version and the layout is very easy to understand. Here you can decide on a few different combinations of how you would like your pages named and/or numbered as well as being able to add a recip to your own TGP if you are running one. This is a nice feature as G.A.S.S. will add your own recip to all the pages. This way you might get a little more traffic back to your TGP on top of the traffic you will be getting to your gallery pages. The thing I really liked is that you can change your recip to something different every day so that it doesnt look the same to the surfers, thus most likely increasing your click-thru rate. Surfers are more tempted to click on things they havent seen before. :o) After you configure the duplicator and run it, you will have to upload all the new pages. Dont forget to upload the recips too!

The Submitter Tab
Even this part has been redesigned! You can now open more than one window at a time if youd like to do so. Its even got a better interface, it moves nicer and you can also stop and start again if you have to without any problems :) Right out of the box G.A.S.S. comes preloaded with 110 recip and 70 non-recip TGPs. Just using these to start with will bring a load of traffic to your galley pages. Theres also a button that will save your submit list, a great improvement over the last one! You will find that as you mark off the TGPs youve submitted to, they get highlighted with a yellow color so you know with just a quick glance that they are done. Looks just like you used a yellow high-lighter and crossed out the name. :)

The About Tab
This is where Darksoft will tell you all about the people that helped to make G.A.S.S. 2.0 the program that it is today. There were a few beta testers involved it getting all the bugs out so make sure you at least look and see who elses blood, sweat, and tears went in to the program!

Now after using G.A.S.S. 2.0 for a bit you will want to open the database tool that comes with it. Once again this is laid out in an easy to understand format. You will also find that the database tool comes with tutorials that are simple and very easy to understand. If you understood the tutorials in the submitter part then understanding the tutorials in the database part will be a snap. This is the tool you will need for customizing your submission lists.

The Tutorial Tab
Here you will find the table of contents for the tutorials. The first part deals with the TGP Database Tool. Here you will learn all you need to know about making your own custom link lists of places that you like to submit to. From there the tutorial goes into the recip TGP database. Here you will learn all about adding more recips to the default list and also what you need to know to remove TGPs that maybe you dont like or use. Next is the non-recip TGPs. This is almost exactly the same as the recip list.

The Custom TGP Setup Tab
This is where all the magic will happen when youre building the list of TGPs that you know the traffic comes in from. When you first open it of course its empty but if you read the tutorial youll have this list filled and working in a matter of minutes.

The Recip Database Tab
This is where you will add and remove TGPs from the default database of 110 TGPs that Darksoft was so nice to load for us. They were loaded by the guy that built and uses G.A.S.S. 2.0 on a daily basis, so you can be sure that they all produce traffic. :o)

The Non-Recip Database Tab
Once again this part is almost the same as the recip part of the database tool. The only difference that will stick out right away is there is no where to add a button or text recip link because these are all non-recip TGPs! Well, after reading everything and playing with the settings a bit you will be ready to rock and roll the TGP world!!

I really think the Darksoft team has outdone themselves with this new 2.0 version. So without a doubt this software is worth a lot more than the lousy $45 that they are asking for it. It will become an important tool for your daily tasks in no time!

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