Hairy Asses Are Like Heads of Lettuce: Exploring the Hairy Bush Fetish

One of the most popular sites we run is ATK Natural & Hairy, a site dedicated to bringing our members images of 100% natural women—real breasts, real bodies, and, of course, really hairy bushes.

Considering the recent popular demand that women be clean shaven, I’m always astounded at the enthusiastic member feedback from our Natural & Hairy site. Take, for instance, this email we received regarding one of our models:

“O my god, this gal is on fire. Holy Shit! Its all about the hairy ass, like those grocery store commercials where they break apart the head of lettuce to reveal an opulent goodness within. Its all about the hairy ass.”

Or this one:

“Please I want you to sent for me good girls hairy pussies through my e-mail. I want to see the big, wet, full of hair. This is what I want please.”

Folks, I couldn’t make this stuff up.

But it’s not just hairy pussies and asses. Members request hairy legs, hairy armpits, mustaches, beards, close-ups of hairy forearms. As far as many of our members are concerned, the hairier, the better.

This is a very small sampling of the type of feedback we receive on a daily basis. Sure, it’s pure entertainment value on one level, but this type of response has to make you wonder where this fetish comes from, especially since both men and women are surrounded by the imperative that hair is in-hair-ently (ha ha) evil.

Why hairy?

Any number of interpretations can arise as to why some men can’t get enough of hairy girls. In Korea, for instance, the latest trend is pubic hair transplants, where thick masses of pubic hair are considered a sign of fertility. Women are actually taking hair from their heads and having it transplanted to their pubic areas (read more at Pervscan, or at Avanova). Afschin Fatemi, a pubic hair transplant surgeon, points out that “The structure of head and pubic hair on Asians is quite similar,” making the surgery realistic-looking and popular.

Another interpretation might have to do with the theory that pubic hair traps and disseminates “feminine” odors and pheromones, thus suggesting that the hairy fetish is actually a natural, innate attraction. Considering the wide range of pussy aromas, hairy crotch or not, I’m not sure if I buy this one.

A couple of years ago, Kim Nielsen, the founder and CEO of ATK, did a special on Playboy’s “Sexcetera” show regarding the hairy versus shaved debate. He feels that the hairy fetish is culturally and generationally determined. Most members of Natural & Hairy are from overseas, many in Western and Eastern Europe, where women tend to be hairier than those in the U.S. Natural & Hairy also tends to attract older men and women, those who claim that their first sexual experiences were with women who had a full bush. Thus, they’ve created a positive, sexual connection between hairy pussies and those youthful and magical “first times.” 

Our own ATKCash manager, Chris, relates this story of a conversation he recently had with his father:

“A few weeks after joining ATK, my father calls me up in the middle of the afternoon with a burning desire to talk. He hedges momentarily and then finally blurts, ‘I love hairy pussy. Now my Dad can say some weird shit, but this hit me right between the eyes. He went on to explain, very emphatically, that when he was growing up and stealing Playboys (much like I stole his) in the 50s and 60s, the best representation of a womans form was silhouetted breasts, the curve of an ass cheek, and MAYBE, if you were lucky, ‘a little shot of bush.’ He went on and on about the warmth, the furriness, and the comfort of a big, healthy bush between a womans legs (this is my DAD!?). He asked me, ‘When you were a kid, did we give you a shaved or waxed teddy bear to play with? No, Chris, it was furry and, to some extent hairy... and you LIKED it.’ He had a point, so I started to think that the Hairy vs. Shaved debate was rooted in a generational difference.”

In a way, this makes sense to me. There’s a sort of understated femininity and excitement associated with a hairy bush. When I had a hairy pussy and I would masturbate, the most amazing moment would happen when I’d slide my hand down the front of my pants and touch the top of a tuft of hair. It would make my entire groin turn in on itself in anticipation of what was to, ahem, come. 

Many of our members would concur with these associations. Case in point is this email from a member of the Natural & Hairy site:

“Im 49, and I joined ATK Natural and Hairy because all the pussies I grew up with, dreamed of, and eventually got hold of had hair on them. To me, thats the way they are supposed to be. The first shaved pussy I remember seeing was Linda Lovelaces in ‘Deep Throat’ in 1972. I didnt like hers then, and I dont like them now.”

And this one, too:

“I have lusted for hairy cunts ever since I saw 2 hippy girls at a nude beach when I was 14. I have been to so many porn sites but it is so rare to see hairy bushes these days as most women think that shaved pussies are attractive.”

Clearly for these members, there’s a deep-seated connection between sexuality, sexiness, and hairy pussies that has shaped their preference for hair down there. They also point out the idea that it’s just “natural” to have a hairy bush. These are men that grew up in pre-silicone infested society, and to find a website that caters to their specific desires is truly a soft, hairy gem in the shave-stubbly rough.

I Love These Guys!

We showcase every range of hairiness possible. Some girls have a trimmed, but still hairy bush. Some have full-on hairy bush, ass, and inner thighs, but no hair anywhere else. Others have full-on hairy bush with hairy pits, but not hairy legs. And still others are completely hair-ridden: super-hairy bush, ass, pits, legs, and forearms. We have one model that was “blessed” with dark facial hair as well, almost a full-grown beard. Some men can’t get enough of her, and request that she grow out her beard even more.

I don’t have any answers for why some men like hairy bush, but I can tell you this: I love our hairy fans! They are simply unstoppable. They take the time to write, give us input and suggestions, and they certainly can’t be accused of lacking passion. Anyone who takes their porn seriously and knows what they want earns a great amount of respect from me. Their enthusiasm and continuous input also benefits us as a company, as we can more strategically market certain types of girls and request more specific content from our photographers. The bottom line looks better for everyone.

Personally, I’m not a fan of super-hairy girls. A trimmed, tamed bush is fine by me, but hairy pits, legs, and assholes are not on my top-ten list. Thing is, even I have been so indoctrinated by the hairless imperative that I’ve been waxing myself clean for almost a year. I’ve grown to love it, and it keeps both my fiancé and I happy. He marvels at the flower of my pussy lips and compliments me on my beautiful mound. Plus, it keeps his face right where it’s supposed to be—between my legs.

ATKCash proudly offers four of its world-class, high-retention family of websites to webmasters promoting ATK. Webmasters earn 50% recurring revenue for the life of each account. Since 1996, ATK has offered the best amateurs, the original natural and hairy girls, the finest exotics, and the most stunning artistic nudes.

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Nollie says:
AFAIC that's the best awnesr so far!
November 28th, 2012
at 4:18am EST
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Jim says:
I have always loved a hairy pussy and ass. Not much for hairy legs but if the woman is decent I don't mind. I can even deal with hairy armpits
October 28th, 2012
at 7:56am EST
Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star
Jim says:
I have always loved a hairy pussy and ass. Not much for hairy legs but if the woman is decent I don't mind. I can even deal with hairy armpits
October 28th, 2012
at 7:55am EST
Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star


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