The Art Of Pre-Selling

Effective affiliates make the most money not by simply shifting people along to other sites but by preselling what is on those sites. If you sell your visitors on the products that they are going to be seeing then it is money in the bank both for you and the person running the site itself. This is something that everyone needs to learn about when they are trying to make money online and the good news is that it is easy.

There are some cases where a sales letter is the way to go. This type of thing can be very effective as a tool but not always. In many cases it is a good idea to have some solid relevant content, some information that will get the customers appetite whetted. Once this happens they will be hungry for more and when they see they are going to be able to get that something more at the next site they will be panting to get signed up.

That is how you are going to make money with preselling.

So how do you do this exactly? Well, you have to have the right kind of content, the kind that will get customers to your site to begin with. So if you are trying to sell an adult themed site you want to fill your site with content that will be complemented by this pay site (for example). This could mean some stories or articles or anything really. Just make sure you do not break any laws some of the content need to be licensed to be used.

You may even want to have an ebook that can be downloaded with similar content in it. As long as you site is filled with relevant content and you have a good usage of keywords going so that the search engines can pick you up you should do well. You will be well on your way to preselling.

There is one more factor that simply cannot be overlooked when it comes to the art of preselling however and that is the web design itself. Your site design must be attractive and it must look professional. If it looks like something someone slapped together in just a few minutes t will not be nearly as effective as it could be. You need a site that is slick and that practically sells all on its own. This means a good use of color, font and images. You may even want to talk to a professional designer about helping you bring this site to fruition. This is a very important part of preselling anything at all.


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