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The link hub is something that is used to link together a network of sites and keep the traffic in your network of sites. The advantage of having a link hub is basically two fold. One is that it keeps the traffic looking at your sites and it allows you more chances to sell each surfer and the other is that it helps to increase link backs to a page which can help to improve your search engine ranking.


Putting a link hub together takes a little work, but isn’t that hard to do. I would suggest that you use mostly text when putting your site together so that the pages can be easily scanned by search engines and help you get some free traffic.

I would suggest that you make one main page that links to separate pages for each category/niche that you intend to promote. On each niche page you list all of your sites and put a short description of what the site covers. Niche keywords are important here for search engines. If you are building amateur sites pick a couple of keywords and make sure you use them in the descriptions of each site. Here is a good example of how your site list might look.
Link Hub Setup

At the bottom or top of each niche page you should have links to every other page in your hub. This will help with navigation and with search engines spiders as they crawl your hub. I would also suggest putting in some extra links that go directly to your sponsors. Make them niche dependant so you will have amateur sponsors on your amateur page, hardcore sponsor on your hardcore page and so on.


Now that you have your link hub’s basic layout down you need to link to it so you can get some traffic flowing into it. As you build new sites put a link to your hub on it. Don’t put it on your gallery/content pages. You want to save those pages for selling the surfer on the sponsor’s site. A good place to put the link is in your recip table. Include your hub as a recip on each site just as if it were an actual link site that you were submitting to. When you build a TGP gallery or any other site do the same and link to your hub with a recip. These links will help to draw traffic to the hub. The idea here is to keep the non-buying surfers. If they have entered your site and looked at the content and are backing out of the site they are most likely not going to buy anything so if they see the link to your hub and click it you hang onto them and get more chances to sell them before they return to the original site that they came from.

Each outgoing link on your site should go as follows. OUTGOING LINK ------> FPA FOR THAT NICHE ------> THE SITE. By filtering your surfers through an FPA before giving them another free site it gives you one more chance to sell them. It is all about eyes on ads. The more chances you get the sell them, the more chances they might buy something. Here is a diagram of how the hub should look with the link layouts.
Link Hub Flow
As you can see you get all the traffic flowing into the main hub page and then it is filtered out and sent back to the different free sites. Along the way you get several chances to sell the surfer. All of these back links can help your search engine ranking as well so you may get some nice free search engine traffic along the way.

The hub can be a very useful tool for keeping and filtering traffic that would otherwise just be leaving your sites.

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