Tips for Making a Great Tour

They are the gateway to your income. They can make or break a sale. A great one can make a good site convert like crazy, but conversely, even if you’re pushing the best site in the industry a bad tour page can wreck your business. For those of you out there that don’t have the current income to hire a designer, or you just love doing it all on your own, this piece is going to take you through some of the best tour pages around, so prepare to take notes!

Katie Fey – Pancho Dog

For argument’s sake, lets try and picture the model being used as something other than an absolute knockout. This tour page does so many things right, lets break them down one by one:

1. Style – Katie is being marketed as a class-nude web site, so the first thing this tour has to do is reflect that. From the images selected to the fonts used, all are high resolution and give off an aura of quality. The white, pink, and gray color scheme is done in muted tones to allow Katie to stand out and take control over the page.

2. Size – Everything is large and stands out. Pancho’s designers got the heads up on the main marketing points and made them stand out. But not in a ridiculously annoying way that forces the eyes away. Instead the size of each image and table draws the viewers eyes downward toward the key points and purchasing options. Perfectly done.

3. Repetition – You may not notice it, which makes it all the more impressive, but there are 8 links on the page to either “Take the Tour” (drawing the reader in further) or to gain “Instant Access.” There is not a single vertical level on the page where a reader will not have the option to purchase a membership. Don’t just have one at the top and one at the bottom; make sure that if a user is sold by a particular section that they have a chance to immediately purchase.

Bangbus – Bang Bros. Network

“The world mother fucking famous” has a world class tour. It’s certainly not a fancy tour by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s relentless in its onslaught. The page is decidedly simple -- something any medium-level coder could handle – and incredibly effective. The top of the page offers all the standard options, and below the main header image you have four separated tables, each highlighting an important aspect of the pay site: the brand, a short description, the internal page, and a faux movie box.

Below is where the most important item to note is. The tour provides an unending supply of girls to choose from so at least one or two are going to catch the reader’s eye, and each image is a link to a few more select images. In effect, this page has 100 or so links to their join page. What’s more, they don’t advertise it as “Joining” in many spots, but instead as the option to “Watch the full episode.” Wording is important and can keep the reader’s mindset in the right spot to open up their wallet.

Kate’s Playground – Spunky Cash

When dealing with a solo-girl site, it’s important that the viewer feels they are going to get special treatment with the girl. Why settle for one when you can get many for the same price? The girl has to be special and the designer really has to focus on making the potential buyer feel as though they’re gaining a new hot friend. This is where the “personal” welcome note comes in. Placed in prime position on Kate’s main tour page it forces the reader to become infatuated with Kate on more than just a physical level.

To the left there’s a four box table that lists the most recent updates and shows interested readers what they can expect on a weekly basis. However, if you’re not providing consistent quality updates, I’d suggest staying away from this concept. Another great decision on behalf of the design crew here is to highlight the web cam feature so predominantly. Right below the personal note is a long list of updates and video/web cam captures. When running free gallery sites, I found that girls with consistent, quality web cam features on their tour pages converted best. Readers love the one-on-one attention they feel they are receiving from it.

All in all, you can see that there are a number of ways to approach tour page design. A page can look classy, basic, or very personal and still be an amazing converter. One just has to keep in mind some of the basics, listed above, that these example tours do so well. I would also like to suggest that if you’re not part of a webmaster community yet, that you do so immediately. Other experienced webmasters are usually more than happy to provide you with constructive criticism on how you can help your conversion ratios.

Good luck!


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