The Attraction of the MILF

A few years ago, a movie was introduced to the world that revolutionized the whole teen movie genre. It was funny, dirty, and most of all, it was real. The movie, which appealed to everyone from fifteen to thirty-five, became a blockbuster and went on to start trends and sayings across the world. That movie was American Pie, and one of the most memorable sayings that we can remember which has also been used widely throughout the adult online industry is MILF, or "Mother Id Like to Fuck". Following the popularity of the movie and of course the MILF, reality type websites sprung up all over the industry, almost overnight, featuring none other than sexually charged older women that seemed modeled after Stiffler’s Mom. I feel that it is important for any Webmaster to completely understand the niche that their website falls within, as well as understand what drives their customers towards that particular niche. So, let’s think about what exactly the attraction of the MILF is?

I remember when I was in high school, my male friends would comment on how they thought that my mother was hot, and I recall thinking how disgusting that was; I just couldn’t understand it. It was then that I started my quest to find out exactly why younger guys are attracted to older women. Most of us are familiar with the “cougar”. She is the woman at the club who is at least ten years older than most people in the place, and she is standing by the bar, drinking a fancy drink or even a white zinfandel, and smoking menthol cigarettes. She is good-looking for an older woman, but you can tell that she was probably super hot when she was younger. She is dressed to kill even though her clothes are slightly dated, and that is exactly her intention; to pick up a young, horny guy, and lure him into her lair. Guys are powerless against the cougar and they get trapped in her spell. 

Guys love MILFs or cougars because these types of women mean just pure, hot sex with no attachments. It is highly unlikely that an older woman is going to become emotionally attached. She is out for one thing and one thing alone and that is to get laid. She is not looking for a relationship, or to cuddle, or to meet your parents. I mean, why would she want to meet your parents, when she is probably closer to their age than yours? The older woman is a pretty safe bet when engaging in a one-night stand. They may want you to call them again, but most likely it will just be because they want you to fulfill their sexual needs and not because they want dinner and a movie. MILFs and Cougars have “been there and done that” where real relationships are concerned. Chances are that they are either divorced or they have been burned so badly by men their own age that they have given up all hope of a serious relationship. 

Another reason that younger guys are attracted to MILF types is the fact that they are very experienced in the sexual department. The saying goes that men reach their sexual peak when they are eighteen, while women actually reach their sexual peak when they are thirty-five. Older women have been around the block more than a few times and are familiar with just about every trick in the book. They know what they want and they are not afraid to ask for it, beg for it, or just go for it. Ask any guy who their favorite character is on the TV show, Sex and the City, and they will tell you Sam Jones. She has the cougar thing going on for her, and guys find that incredibly sexy, not to mention the fact that she looks amazing for her age. She is like the role model of every MILF or cougar out there, and the dream of every guy. 

The last reason that MILFs are so attractive to younger men is the fact that there is something risky or dangerous about hooking up with them. There is always the chance that they are married, and are just looking for some fun on the side. Another fantasy, or in some cases a reality, is that she is actually the mother of a friend, and the risk of that situation is a huge turn-on for most guys. The idea of literally getting caught with your pants down with somebody’s wife or mother is so bad that it actually is the motive for getting people off. 

MILFs are not just popular in reality, but also in the world of porn. Those who cannot experience MILFs in person and even those that can, choose to experience them through other methods, including magazines, movies, and of course porn websites. Even in the early days of porn, there was a niche carved out just for MILFs. Back then, they were referred to as just “older women”, but while they were labeled something different, they were essentially just MILFs or cougars, and the attraction to them was the same as it is today. In the world of online porn, the MILF reality niche has become hugely popular in the past couple of years, in some part due to the popularity of the movie American Pie. However, this niche, whether you call it “older women”, “MILFs”, or “cougars”, has been a seller since the dawn of porn, and will remain a seller as long as porn lives.


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