Using Non-Compete Sponsors for Profit

The common thought is that when someone goes to your site you only have one thing to sell them. They see an ad for a sponsor and if they don’t want to go to that paysite, or they decide not to buy a membership, you’re out of chances to sell the surfer. This isn’t entirely true. There are a growing number of products out there that you can use as non-compete sponsors. These products typically don’t take away from your sales to your paysite sponsors, but instead are meant to be presented as an alternative to your paysite sponsors. Someone may not want to join a paysite, but they may be willing to check out and buy one of these products. 

Here are three of the most popular non-compete programs out there and some ideas on incorporating them into your sites. 


It used to be that Adult Friend Finder was the only fish in this pond. While AFF is clearly still the biggest fish in the pond, there are now other fish in there with them. These types of sites are pretty simple. When the visitor clicks your affiliate link they are taken to a dating site where they can search for people in their area. Most of these programs have pretty detailed search engines in them where people can search by age, race, location, even what type of encounter a person is looking for. Of course these are adult dating sites so they are mostly made up of people that are looking to get laid. Once a search is done the visitor is asked to create a profile and they can explore the site a little bit. If they want to contact anyone that has placed an ad on the site they have to buy a membership. Some of these programs pay per signup (meaning when someone actually buys a membership you get paid) others offer a revshare model and others still pay per free profile created or per click based on the free profile ratio. Some even offer your choice of all of these. There is no real way to choose which is better. I have seen the stats for the program I use (AFF) broken down into revshare and pay per click and they are almost identical so the choice really is up to you on that. 

To sell this to your visitors you need to come up with a way to present it to them as an alternative to a normal paysite. This is key because if you push it like it is a paysite the visitors will just think it is a paysite and they won’t be too interested in checking it out. Make it clear that this an adult dating site not a paysite and that they can meet real people online and near them. One of the most effective text links I have ever written for a dating site simply said, “Tired of jacking off? Click here for online adult personals, find someone near you and get laid today.” Simple and effective. The ways to present this type of site are nearly endless, so wind up your imagination and see what you can do. 


There are a lot of venders out there now that will brand a store for your site and let you sell their DVDs for a commission. This can be a nice way to make some extra cash. You can link from any site you have and let the surfer check out the entire store or you might link to some similar videos right on your gallery or site. For example if you make an Asian gallery you can link right to some Asian DVDs for the surfer to check out and maybe buy. There are also programs like URentDVDS ( that offers a Netflix type service only it’s porn DVDs. 


Whether it is a regular sex toy site that sells all kinds of stuff or a site like fleshlight ( that focuses on only a few products these can add a nice chunk to your bottom line. Use products like this as an alternative. You can write things like, “Porn is nice, but your hand gets old, Go here to get a fleshlight. It feels like a real pussy.” Or something like that. One of my favorite lines for a sex toy store was , “Click here to buy a blow-up fuck sheep…start your love heard today.” If you use these in conjunction with a regular paysite sponsor it makes a nice yin and yang combination.


There are a few guidelines to using these products effectively. First, make sure your content will allow you to use other sponsors. If you are using sponsor provided content they typically won’t allow you to use it to promote other people’s sites. If it is content that you have bought yourself, then no worries. If it is sponsor provided content check with the sponsor before you do anything.

Wording really is key. What you want to do is make sure the surfer sees the ads and can tell the difference. Make it clear that on AD#1 you offering up a paysite where they can get more porn and on AD#2 you are offering them something different, a fleshlight, DVDs, a dating site, whatever you choose. The surfer will see the ads and choose for themselves. Many people that visit a gallery or site don’t click the links to paysites, they know what they are and don’t want to join a site. If you offer them an alternative you now have another shot at selling them something.


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