Making money with non-nude/softcore sites.

I have heard from many people that they can’t see how non-nude and softcore style sites actually get any sales and make any money. The logic behind that thought is that if there is plenty of hardcore stuff out there (much of which is totally free) why would someone pay for something where the girls either don’t get naked or they don’t do much once they are naked. My response is that that non-nude and softcore sites are just like any other niche. They don’t have as many people looking for them, but those that are know what they want and will pay for it once the find something they like. There are people and programs that make plenty of money in this niche. This article will give you a few ideas on how to profit from the non-nude/softcore market.


This is important no matter what niche you are working in. If you have never done any non-nude/softcore galleries or sites before and you are just getting started with them then I would suggest you spend a little time surfing around and seeing what is out there. Don’t just see who the girls are and what sites are available; instead you need to take some time to also get to know how it is sold. A good example of this would be the tour for any non-nude girl’s site. If the tour were for a girl that does hardcore stuff there would be a lot of nude and non-nude samples on the tour and maybe a sneak peek of hardcore with plenty of information letting the visitor know that if you join you get a lot of hardcore action. That won’t be there with a softcore/non-nude site. The site doesn’t want to promise something it doesn’t have so instead there will be more teasing and playing around and promises of other types of features like live shows or something along those lines. Take note of these features and the sales pitch. The people that run these sites tend to know how to sell them so their tours can be very good sales lessons for you.

Another thing you want to do is to figure out what you think draws people to these sites. I have always said that for a non-nude/softcore style site to succeed one of two things needs to be true. Either the girl needs to be smoking hot or she needs to have personality in spades. If she has both (someone like Jordan Capri comes to mind) it is just an added bonus. In the end the girl’s personality is actually probably more likely to sell the site than her looks, but looks do help. If you find a site that has a good looking girl that seems like she is cool and she interacts with the member’s of the site, you probably have a winner. Looks will draw people in and get them join, but the personality will keep them there.

You will also want to look into the marketing of these types of sites. Check out the big TGPs and link lists to see how many softcore/non-nude sites they list on a regular basis and who the girls are that appear in those listings. If you see the same few girls in each one you might want to steer clear of her at first. Her site might sell well, but if you get listed along with a dozen other sites/galleries featuring her you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

This is the million dollar question. The answer isn’t so obvious. There could be a guy you work with that is the ultimate shy nerd who never even talks to women if he can avoid it and it could turn out he is into the hardest of hardcore porn, yet some biker guy that you would think is into the hardcore stuff might be the guy that wants to see girls in panties and cute outfits. Unless you plan on quizzing everyone you meet and doing a scientific study you will have to just use some common sense and rely on your research.

Here are some things I know. The person that is looking for non-nude/softcore stuff wants a few things (these are general statements not meant to include every single person. It is like if you are selling your house you want to paint it a neutral color to appeal to the broadest audience, the same goes here.): They want beauty. This beauty can come in many different forms. Maybe they want a girl who is very innocent looking or “cute”.  Maybe they want a girl that has a body that is out of this world. In the end looks really do matter. There are some successful non-nude/softcore girls that are average looking, but most have one form of beauty or another. They want interaction and they want to be made to feel “possessive” of the girl. I don’t mean this is a creepy ‘lock her in the basement’ kind of way, but they want to be able to see the girl kind of like their girlfriend. They make a connection with her and care about here. In many ways it is like real life. If you had a girl you really liked and thought was cute but didn’t get to be with you would probably want to see her naked, maybe even watch her play with herself, but you might not want to watch her get fucked by some dude with a 10inch cock. The same goes idea works here. Some of these members are also fetishist. They like panties, knee socks, school girls or uniforms and things like that and this girl happens to wear those types of outfits/clothes.

In a nutshell the average buyer of non-nude/softcore porn is a guy that likes a good looking girl that he can make a connection with and feel as if she is part of his life or represents to him something he cares for or is drawn to. 

The other type of buyer seems to be what I call the ‘Playboy’ type buyer. This is a guy that wants to see hot girls nude (or in sexy outfits) and doesn’t much care about the personality. For these types of buyers sites like Met Art and FTV girls rock because they offer them a large selection of nude girls and there are new girls for them to check out all the time. They eventually get their favorites, but they still want to look at other girls.


You have defined your market and you have a good idea who you are selling to. Now you need a site to promote. This can be the hardest part of the whole thing. First off there are a lot of solo girl style sites out there and many of them are softcore. Fewer are non-nude, but there are some of those too. Many of these site sucks. I’m not going to call anyone out here, but when certain programs started having success with solo girls it seems like everyone jumped on the bandwagon. They went out and signed just about any girl they could find, shot some content of her and made a site for her. The sites often lack personality, don’t get updated and have very little content in them. These are not the sites you want to promote. Don’t hesitate to ask for a 24 hr password to a site and check it out.  If they won’t let you check out the site, that might be a red flag.

Another thing you have to decide here is whether you are going to promote just a single girl, or a larger site that features many different girls? I have found that if you are just starting out promoting a larger site that has a lot of girls might be easier because it gives the visitor more choices. Once you master those sites you can apply what you know to a solo girl site. But there are plenty of good solo girl sites out there so don’t be too afraid to jump into them.


You have your market figured out and you have your girl(s) that you will promote. Now you need to decide how to sell it. Take what you have learned and just display it for the visitor. If you have a site where the girl does webcam chats let them know that right on the gallery page. If you are making a TGP gallery don’t hesitate to put a couple of different thumbs of her in different outfits at the bottom. Don’t link them, just use them as samples or even integrate them into your gallery. Maybe your gallery has your girl in a naughty schoolgirl outfit. But your unlinked bonus thumbs have her as a naughty nurse, a lifeguard and just in a her bra and panties. A visitor might see one of those and really like what he sees and clicks through. You are selling the girl as a whole package here, not just a hot girl in a cute outfit. You tell them about her, what she likes, doesn’t like and what she is looking for. Make it almost like a personals ad and give as much information as you can while keeping the design clean. You don’t need to write a book, but having a good gallery with some basic info about her, her personality and some teasing text can be very effective. You want the visitor to see her, be attracted to her and then want to get to know more about her.

Since the people looking for these types of sites are not looking for hardcore porn stay away from talking about anything hardcore. Don’t promise them what they will not get. Don’t tell them they will see a non-nude girl naked. Don’t tell them they will see a girl that only poses nude getting fucked or giving head. If you are working on revshare you will make no money doing this. If you are on pay per signup you might find yourself with a bunch of chargebacks and the sponsor canceling your account. Many programs state in the terms that you can’t lie about what people will get in their sites. Don’t make any promise the site can’t keep.

Once you have your first gallery up and your first free site you can expand out. Make an AVS site with her in it. Make a blog. Make some one page SEO sites. Do everything you would normally do for any other site you would promote. You might be surprised at how good the results are if you get listed on TGPs and link lists that don’t list a lot of non-nude and softcore stuff because in that case you will pretty much be the only one on there so you have very little competition. 

As with anything, marketing non-nude and softcore girls can be a challenge. The good news is that it is a niche that many people just don’t work in because they don’t have the vision to see any money there. If you dedicate yourself to learning the market, find the right site and promote it correctly you will be very happy with the results. Just remember in this niche looks are good, but personality is king!

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Thank you for the improvements that you made to the site I am not a full mmbeer but would like to be able to view more videos that you post of the people who make video of the month I would like you to change it to video of the week so Iwould beable to view more videos hope you like my idea and make that change.
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