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Peer 2 peer file sharing programs are getting more and more popular and used correctly they can drive some nice traffic to your sites. While it may not be the highest quality traffic in the world, it is still traffic and my thought is that any traffic is good traffic. This article will give you some ideas on how to get traffic from peer 2 peer programs. How effective getting traffic this way will be for you depends on several factors including how many people you may have that can help you, how many computers you have available to you and what type of internet connection you have. I’ll just give you the basics and let you run with it. 

There are a few things you will need to get started. First you will need a program to edit and watermark videos. I have used Video Charge ( in the past, but there are many others out there. If you don’t have one of those or don’t want to pay for something you are not sure about you can use windows movie maker and a graphics program to put your name on your movies. Simply put the URL of your site on the videos if you are watermarking them. If you are using Windows Movie Maker use the title feature to insert a title with your URL at the beginning of the movie. You can also have the URL flash on the screen periodically. Then use your graphics program to make a simple JPG that says, “For more go to: URL” and add it to the end of the movie. Make the running time of that last JPG frame you put in at least 5 seconds long so people have plenty of time to read it. I’m not going to go through the step by step on how to do all of this. It’s not too hard once you spend a little time playing around with Window Movie Maker. There are advanced techniques that let you put clickable banners in videos or have the videos pop up sites at the end of them, but I won’t be getting into that today. If this basic technique works for you, it would be something you might want to look into.

Once you have figured out how to watermark or title your movie you need to cut some movies up that you are going to share. I would suggest making them 1-2 minutes long. That is more than enough free video for people. Like watermarking, editing the videos for length takes a little practice but isn’t really that hard to do. Edit your movies to length, water mark and/or title them and you are ready to move on.

Now you have a few movies that are 1-2 minutes long and have your URL either watermarked on them or in the titles and at the end of the video. It is now time to start sharing your videos. You will need to download a couple of different P2P clients. I suggest using at least Limewire and Kazaa. These programs will have a shared folder in them that you want to put your videos in. Anyone online searching for videos will be able to see what videos you have and if they want to download them. Here is where things get a little tricky. You want to make your movies as search friendly as possible. We will do that with keywords. The first thing you want to do is rename your file something that people would search for. For example if you have a teen lesbian movie rename your movie teen-lesbian-sex.mpg or hot-lesbian-teens.wmv (make sure to keep the extension for the movie type correct) another thing you can do is right click on the movie and select properties. From there select the summery tab and you will see a title box. In that title box put in the keyword rich title of the movie. Now you have a movie with a keyword rich title ready to be shared. I suggest you then copy that file a few dozen times and rename it with other keyword rich titles. Always keep it appropriate to the niche you are working in, but make them creative. Maybe name them. teen-dildo-sex.mpg, lesbian-pussy-licking.mpg, coeds-making-out.mpg and so on. It is all the same movie, just labeled differently to give you the most possible exposure. 

Once you have all your movies named and in the shared folders just log into the P2P program(s) and keep them open. As long as you are logged into the programs and connected to the internet people can search your shared folder and download your movies. The more movies you have in there the better chance you will have something that people want. Now you just sit back and let them take your movies and find your site.


One thing some people don’t realize about P2P programs is that they work much like a search engine. With a search engine the more people that link to your site the more popular the search engine assumes it to be and the higher it will rank you. When it comes to P2P it is much the same. When you do a search for something it will bring back a list of everything that is online right then that matches your searched keywords. The more people there are sharing the same file the higher the ranking will be. What this means is if you have your teen lesbian movie and you are the only one sharing it, it will not rank as high in the search results as a movie that has 10-20 or even more people all sharing the same file. There are a couple of ways to fix this problem to help you get better search rankings.

The first option is patience. Just leave your P2P program on 24/7 and eventually people will find your movies and start sharing them and you will organically build up rankings in your keywords.

The other option is a little sneakier or “black hat”. This technique will require you to have either more than one computer with a different IP address or some friends/helpers. If you have a second computer and your ISP will assign it a different IP address then your main computer then you can put the P2P programs on it and use it as a second “seeder”. If that is not an option (or even if it is but you still want more seeders) you can get other people to work with you. They install the P2P software and you trade each other’s movies.

But you can’t just copy the files to the hard drive of that second computer or you can’t just ZIP the up and email them to someone who puts them in the shared folder on their computer. The program will want to see you first downloading then sharing the movies. Here is how you do this. Simply come up with a secret code for the files. Say for example your code will be XXX456. Then add that code to the file name. So your movie will now be called teen-lesbian-coeds-XXX456.mpg. Put that code in every movie you have. Now when you search for it on your second computer or you have your friend search for it you can have them search for that secret code. Since yours are the only files that will have that code in them they will be easy to find and download. If you have a few dozen movies and your second computer has a few dozen movies and you get 3-4 people to work with you who each have a few dozen movies you can all download each other’s videos so each of you will now have 5-6 seeders per movie and you will rank higher and get more downloads.

This technique isn’t easy. If people are offline or move the files or change the names or anything like that it will effect them so this is by no means a foolproof way of getting high ranks and more downloads, but it can help you.

P2P traffic isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It is popular and getting more so every day. Generating traffic from it can be a little time consuming and frustrating, but if you can figure out a good system that works for you and you stick with it there is a lot of it out there to be had.



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