The Online Porn Dictionary: Part 2 - Popular Niches

Do you ever find yourself confused as to what exactly the various niches are out there? When I first started in the industry, I was blown away by how many different subcategories (or niches) of porn there are. I was aware of guy-girl, lesbian and gay pornography, but I was completely in awe of the number of niche or fetish categories that exist in online adult entertainment. I am still amazed today at the number of new niches that seem to materialize out of nowhere and become the next big craze. It took me a while and a lot of embarrassing research to figure out exactly how one niche differed from one another, but now I figure that I am fairly up to speed. Thus, I have decided to spread my knowledge to the newbie webmasters out there that may not know what things like a golden shower or squirting are. 

Amateur – Like in sports, amateur porn features individuals who are not professional porn stars. It features ordinary individuals partaking in every day sexual acts. 

Anime – Anime refers to any high quality animated work. In the porn world, it is animated softcore porn.

Balloons - The exact nature of this niche is still in question but it is believed to consist of models posing with balloons, sitting on them, straddling them and rubbing the balloons over their bodies. 

Babes – Usually softcore, this niche features girls that are considered to be blessed by God with respect to their physical features. 

BBW – Big Beautiful Women. Need I say more?

BDSM - Bondage/Domination/Sado-Masochism. This niche encompasses all three of these sub-niches. 

Bondage – Sexual acts involving tying people up with all sorts of things including but not limited to chains, ropes, and scarves. 

Bukkake – This is an ancient Japanese art form. It is when a group of men gather around a woman and ejaculate on her face.

Celebrities – This niche portrays celebrities in a sexual manner, whether they are “fakes” or the real thing. 

Ebony – This niche is made up of pornographic content involving only black individuals. Sex between a black person and a person of another ethnicity belongs in the interracial niche. 

Erotica – Erotica consists of softcore movies and pictures targeted at couples or females, often including a romantic storyline, and not showing any penetration.

Facial – A facial is a pretty way of describing the act in which a male ejaculates on a female’s face. In gay porn, it can be a male ejaculating on another male’s face.

Fisting – The pornographic art of sticking a fist (or five fingers) in one’s vagina or anus. This act is considered illegal in many countries, including the United States. 

Foot Fetish – This is the one fetish that people either love or find revolting. It is an obsession with feet, either in a sexual manner (ie – touching genitals, toes inserted, etc.) or just pictures or clips of people’s feet.

Glory Hole - A hole in a partition that allows a person on the other side to engage in a sexual activity. Usually a hole in a bathroom stall used for oral sex.

Golden Shower – A golden shower means to urinate on another person, especially in their mouth.

Goth – Sometimes referred to as vampire sex, the goth niche is pornographic content that contains some gothic element to it. The models will sport black hair, white skin, dark make-up, and black garments. In it’s extreme form, it can portray people actually sucking blood.

Group – More than two people involved in any form of sexual activity.

Hairy – In gay porn, this refers to men engaged in sexual activity who are particularly hairy all over. In hetero porn, it refers to females with unshaven and overly hairy genital regions.

Hardcore – Hardcore usually means hardcore sex involving one or more partners in which you actually see penetration.

Hentai – In Japanese, this word means pervert or perverted. In this business, it is used by North Americans to refer to pornographic anime. Hentai tends to be more graphic than Anime. 

Insertions – This niche consists of people inserting all sorts of objects into just about every hole in their body that is sexually related. 

Latina – In both hetero and gay porn, the latina niche involves individuals of Spanish descent either posing or engaged in sexual activity.

Mature – In hetero porn, this is usually a women or couple over the age of 40. In gay porn, it is most often sex involving a man that is older than 40. A popular emerging sub-niche of the mature niche are MILFs or Sexy Moms.

Outdoors – This involves people posing or having sex outside.

Panties – This niche features girls, usually young looking ones, posing in their panties. The panties are usually white or innocent looking styles.

Teens – These are girls that pose or engage in sexual activity that either are or appear to be nineteen or under. 

Water Sports – This is not naked water-skiers. It is usually consists of people urinating or excreting some other bodily fluid. 

Sado-Masochism – S and M is basically role-playing by two or more willing partners. It usually involves playing out fantasies with the use of ties, props, etc.

Squirting – This is the visible female ejaculation, where a female squirts a fluid when she comes.

Trampling – Like the name states, trampling is a sexual act that involves being stepped on. Sometimes this can mean with a high heel on the genitals, or just pressure from bare feet. 

Toys – Sexual acts that involve the use of sex toys.

Upskirt – Upskirts are camera shots that go up a female’s skirt, often in exhibitionism or voyeurism scenes.

Voyeurism - A voyeur is a person who finds it arousing to watch others without their consent. Therefore, voyeurism is watching someone who “supposedly” does not know that they are being watched.


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