Reality Porn: The Way of The Future or This Years Fad?

Every year it seems that there is another big fad in online porn.  There can be no denying that this year’s trend has been the emergence of reality porn.  The adult webmaster world has seen this new phenomenon take over in the past year and become almost the standard for all new site releases.  Some argue that it started with Bangbus while others state that it dated back to the days of Sweetloads. Whatever the case may be, these reality sites are turning surfers on and bringing in big bucks for the webmasters.




So, what is it about reality sites that appeal to the average surfer?  Well, let’s ask ourselves this.  How many of us out there are glued to the TV on Thursday nights watching episodes of Survivor?  Or, waiting anxiously for the next installment of Big Brother?  Do we not also get some kind of pleasure by looking into other people’s day-to-day lives by watching shows like The Osbournes?  The same thing goes for porn.  Surfers get off on the fact that they are watching the “real” thing.  What appeals to them is that they are watching everyday people just like them as opposed to models or porn stars.  They also feel as if they are getting access to something fairly taboo, as they believe that what is shown in reality sites is not staged or setup.  The surfers feel as if they are receiving a “behind the scenes” look into real events that otherwise would be off limits for viewing.




The speed at which the reality trend has hit the online porn world has many webmasters scrambling to try and create their own unique reality sites while the market for them is still fairly hot.  What the webmasters quickly realize however is that these types of websites are not quite as easy to throw together as a traditional paysite.  But, what is so different about creating a reality type website as opposed to a typical porn paysite?  What set the reality sites apart are their exclusive content, their design, and the way they keep their members coming back for more.




First of all, you need the concept: do you try to copy something else out there or do you come up with your own unique idea?  Coming up with your own unique idea is obviously the best and most profitable route to go.  Next comes the content.  Most webmasters will have an extremely hard time finding this type of reality content out there as the trend is just too new.  However, I am positive that by this time next year, just about every content provider will be pushing out some type of reality content.  In the meantime, webmasters will be forced to produce the content themselves or have exclusive content produced for them.  Surfers are very tired of the same old feeds and movies that most of the paysites are offering out there.  They are looking for something that is unique and entertaining.  While exclusive or custom content may be slightly more expensive, it will pay off in the long run in conversions and member retention. 




Ok, you have an idea, and you have the content laid out, now it’s time for a design.  Take a look at the other big reality sites out there and see what they have in common (this does not mean copy the sites).  You will notice that most of the big reality sites out there pretty much go back to the basics.  There are no sophisticated tours, no elaborate color schemes or graphics.  What you see is very amateurish looking sites with basic colors, and instead of tours there is usually just a fast loading page that describes the various “episodes”.  This page most often includes links to a few pics and a trailer for each of the episodes.  This kind of layout entices the surfer more than the traditional tour, which explains what the site has to offer in text and graphics.  Instead of explaining, reality sites show the surfers exactly what they will be getting in the form of short clips and pictures.




Along with most adult entertainment sites, the key to the success of the reality-based site is to become a brand name as well as to keep the members coming back for more.  It seems so far that the member retention of reality porn sites is quite high.  So, how is this done?  The great thing about most reality sites is that they contain weekly or bi-weekly episodes.  By offering the content in this format, members will want to tune in each week to see the new episode.  Another great way to get members to stick around with these types of sites is to get your members involved in some way in the site.  Have them submit ideas for the next episode, let them rate the episodes, or even have a contest to let a member direct an episode.  By allowing your members to get involved with the site, you will keep them as members for a longer period of time. 




So, now that we know that reality porn sites are becoming the hottest trend and we are aware of what sets them apart from typical porn sites, we need to ask ourselves one important question.  Are these reality sites just the latest fad or are they just laying the groundwork for the new direction that online porn will take?

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