Reality Concept gone wild

A year and a half ago I wrote an article about how the whole “reality” concept was taking over the two most influential mediums in our lives: the Internet and television. Back then I predicted that this concept would become more and more popular and would push other forms of entertainment to the sidelines. What I did not envision was the whole reality conception literally going too far. The concept has gotten so out of hand that now the reality of it all seems strangely “unreal” or phony. This new way of thinking about the “reality” craze came to me as I was flicking through the channels the other night and came across a preview for a reality show that was called My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé. This show is about a hot girl that has to try and convince her family that she is marrying a fat, slobby, obnoxious guy. Honestly, is that the best that the network could come up with? Seeing this, I then went online and started surfing through the reality adult sites that are out there and came upon some pretty ludicrous and “out there” sites with names similar to Grandma Gets a Goat and Fisting Shemales on a Train (please note that these are not the actual names of the sites). Now come on, are reality shows and websites not supposed to in fact be realistic?

What I once thought was a refreshing trend and a viewing pleasure, has now become rather annoying and boring at the same time. When reality TV first became the craze with the show Survivor, people around the world, including me, were glued to their television sets every Thursday night to see what would happen next to the gang of non-celebrities that were stranded on a deserted island together. The show was fresh, exciting, and unlike anything else that was on the air at that time. Now it seems that almost every channel, on every night of the week, is airing some form of reality type show. These shows may be proliferating throughout the airwaves, but they are not as new and exciting as they once were. While flipping through my Sky satellite channels, I found a reality show called The Salon, which basically documents what goes on in a hair salon. It had to be the most pointless and boring show I have ever seen. Similarly, the show Rich Girls on MTV is another useless and completely mind-numbing show. Who really wants to see a couple of spoiled teenagers sitting around talking about what they are going to eat for lunch or what they are going to drink by the pool? The same thing is happening with online porn. The reality-based websites are becoming boring and redundant.

When the adult reality website craze first hit the scene with Bang Bus, surfers could not get enough of it. People found these new reality based sites a nice change from the cookie cutter porn star sites that were infiltrating the net. Surfers could relate to the reality sites, as they actually did feel real, and not too staged. Now all of the reality sites look and feel the same. There are no truly unique reality adult sites out there. What is even worse is that they do not even feel real anymore. They now look staged and fake and calling them reality sites is really rather a joke. I find it humorous that you can find the same model on four different reality based websites. If I am thinking and feeling this way, then I am sure that the surfers are as well. I know that those first big reality sites have definitely seen a decrease in profits since the good old days when they were the pioneers of reality porn. I think it is time for the innovative webmasters in the industry to come up with a new trend. I think that many of us can agree that the reality sites can no longer be classified as “the latest thing”. 

I am truly amazed at how far the reality concept has actually come. At first the reality shows and sites were fairly normal and believable real-life situations. Now, cameras will just about document anything that they feel is interesting, and sometimes things that are rather uninteresting. Reality television has now even collided with the world of porn with a show called Porn Valley. This show documents the behind the scene world of the Vivid Entertainment Girls. When I saw the preview for this show, my curiosity was piqued, and I felt that it might be an interesting series to watch. However, I found even the day-to-day lives of porn stars to be rather uninteresting. My husband agreed that there was not much to the show, except for naked T & A. 

I think it is time for both entertainment mediums: television and Internet to find other things to push on their viewers and surfers instead of a tainted, or even boring version of reality. While I still think that some reality shows or sites are interesting and entertaining (the Bachelor), the majority of them are becoming monotonous. I am pleading with webmasters and television networks to find a new phenomenon, because the current reality craze is starting to fizzle out.


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