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I mentioned a while back that I was going to start conducting site reviews for patrons of Webmaster Vault and that my favorite niche happens to be reality sites, if in fact you can label them a niche. It just so happens that someone who frequents our site, wrote in asking if I could do a critique of her new reality site, Girls Filmed. We informed the site owner that if we were to do a site critique that we would have to give our honest opinion, whether it be good or bad, and she complied. So, I will start my review from the tour or start page and move on from there.


The tour for keeps within the classic style of reality sites. There are the weekly “episodes” and each one offers some sample pics and clips of what the surfer can see inside the members area if they were to purchase a membership. The design is great, clean and simple, amateur looking without being tacky, and easy to navigate. The sample video clips or trailers are short and sweet. They are just enough to tease the surfers without giving away the whole farm and the quality of them is not that bad considering they are on a tour. Of course the videos in the members area are of a much higher quality. To be honest, the tour for this website was actually my favorite part. The one thing that I thought could be changed was that the members login should be more apparent instead of just a small text link at the bottom of the page. 

Join Page
The join page is pretty standard for most adult websites. They offer two different processors: ProBilling and CCBill. They also offer three different types of memberships: 5 days for $9.99, one month for $29.99 and two months for $39.99. allows their customers three options for payment: credit card, charge to bank account, and charge to phone bill. I did think that one thing was strange, there were no pop-ups when you opted not to get a membership. The pop-ups emerge elsewhere on the site like when you visit the FAQ’s or when you go to find out about the Webmaster program, but not when you try to exit from the join page, which is where many sites pick up extra revenue.

Webmaster Program
When you click on the small text link at the bottom of the tour page, instead of going straight to the section for webmasters to learn about the revenue sharing program, you encounter a couple of pop-ups on the way. Webmasters are busy people and will usually find this intrusion rather annoying. These pop-ups are better directed at surfers as opposed to Webmasters and belong at the point when someone tries to exit from the join page, as mentioned above. The Webmaster program looks good with a 50/50 split on initial and recurring memberships. They use CCBill as their processor and through them they offer Webmasters real time stats. Also, runs a little contest for Webmasters. If you can create a banner and send it to you could win a free membership to the site, if they feel that its “kicks ass” to quote them directly.

Members Area

Upon first inspection of the members area I was impressed. It looks good, definitely amateur yet clean with a simple layout. Upon closer scrutiny, I did notice one thing that seemed to not belong in the members area and that was advertisements for other websites. Ads are fine in free sites, and AVS sites, but they just do not belong in a paysite. 

The exclusive content that has in the members area is really good. They have high quality video and picture content that is very amateur and keeps in line with the whole reality site theme. The girls look shy and nervous, and not at all like professional porn stars. They have to have drinks to loosen up, which I thought would be a real big turn on for most males out there. The only problem is that there is just not enough content in the members area to keep someone satisfied for a whole month. I could see everything that I wanted to see in about an hour. would really benefit from adding some auxiliary content to their site while they are building their exclusive content. Many content providers out there offer great deals on packages that contain enough content to keep members entertained the whole month long. I feel that one of these content packages would make a great addition to the content that is already present. 

I would also perhaps add in a few extras to the segments or episodes, like perhaps a diary from each girl detailing how it was to perform in front of the camera for the first time. Each episode seems fairly short so anything that could be added to them would definitely serve to benefit the site.

Overall, I give a Muffy rating of 3.5 stars out of 5. I feel that the site has a lot of potential, but it needs to do a little work before it can get there. The content issue is definitely the biggest one and one that needs to be addressed in order to keep the members coming back for more. The other things that I mentioned are only minor details and can be easily changed. Once there is some more content in place and a little tweaking done, I feel that this could be a terrific amateur site.


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