Solo Girl Sites: A brief history and money making tips.

Solo girl sites are exploding all across the net. These sites used to be small and often run by the girls themselves, but with the recent popularity of some girls it seems that many programs are scrambling to put together their own solo girl sites and what used to be a small cottage industry is quickly becoming a staple in many program’s portfolios. This article will talk about the rise in popularity of solo girl sites as well offer up some insight and ideas on good ways to promote them.


The story of the solo girl site is nearly as old as the internet itself. It used to be that a solo girl site was a pure amateur site. The girl on the site typically shot her own content, designed and built her site, updated her member’s area and promoted her site. There is some debate as to who was the first actual solo girl site on the internet. Carol Cox ( has been running her site since 1994 even though she and her husband actually started with a swingers BBS before the days of the internet. The evolution of her site has taken it from being a simple site featuring just pictures and some video of her naked and getting naughty to now including many different types of shoots, live webcam shows, parties and acting as a hub of sorts for many other amateur girls that still run their own sites. A few years ago they even started an affiliate program. 

Others will say that The Wetlands ( was the first real amateur solo girl site. When the site opened in 1996 it focused on a Cbaby, the wife of the owner and operator of the site, but it quickly expanded to include other women beside Cbaby so I don’t think it really qualifies as a solo girl site. Other might contend that Danni Ashe was the first solo girl. Her site hasn’t been around as long as Carol’s, but there is no arguing the popularity of it. In 2000 Alexa listed Danni ( as the most downloaded woman on the internet. Carol Cox ranked second. Both finished ahead of Oprah, Martha Stewart, Britney Spears and everyone else. These two sites are now a study in dichotomy. Danni’s site has become a very slick, well designed and polished looking site that features a lot of different women and is now as much a mega site as it is a solo girl site where Carol’s husband and friends still shoot much of her content and the site maintains its “indie” roots and vibe. 

There have also been arguments made for Jen and Dave ( a site featuring an amateur couple that started in 1995. There was also Jenni Cam which may have been the first pure solo girl site. Where other sites like Carol Cox, Danni and Jen and Dave were based on the sexual activities of the sites owner, Jenni Cam was simply a live cam that was setup in Jennis dorm room and then apartment that broadcast her live 24/7 so you watched her study, read, watch TV, eat, sleep and sometimes get naked or have sex. Jenni went on to actually find some mainstream popularity and success by appearing on TV shows like Diagnosis Murder and Dave Letterman.  There is debate about what actually qualifies as a solo girl site. If she is a swinger like Carol Cox is she no longer a solo girl? Jen and Dave are a couple so technically it is an amateur couple site. The debate could go on forever. Whoever may have been first, there is no arguing that these women helped pave the way for the Raven’s, Brooke’s and Nikki’s of the world.


In 2001 Steve Lightspeed introduced the internet and the world to a cute girl next door named Tawnee Stone. Tawnee was the first contract girl for Lightspeedcash ( and hers was the first solo girl site for the quickly expanding Lightspeed empire. She struck a chord with the web surfing public and it wasn’t long before her site was getting hammered with traffic. She was everywhere: Free sites, TGP’s, AVS you name it there was Tawnee’s cute ass and innocent smile. While Carol Cox and Danni Ashe may still be around and going strong, it was abundantly clear the game had changed.

What made Tawnee stone different is that she didn’t have sex on camera. There were no guys at all involved, just Tawnee naked, swimming, playing and having fun. And it worked. Around that time there was a eruption in the number of solo girl sites. Tiffany Teen, Next Door Nikki, Teen Kelly, Kate’s Playground and many more. They were coming out of the woodwork. These sites were hugely successful and they offered something that normal porn sites didn’t. No hardcore and in some cases no nudity at all.

What? But this is porn right? Aren’t we supposed to see how many cocks we can shove in a woman at once? Maybe not. The reason for the popularity of these sites could be many, but as I spoke with site owners there seemed to be a couple that came up more than others. As 2000 turned into 2001 Clinton left the white house and the far more conservative Bush took office. Many webmasters started fearing there would be a rash a prosecutions and a general crack down on porn. The 9/11 attacks diverted the Bush administration’s focus from porn to terrorism so there is no way of knowing for sure just how well founded these fears may have been. But there is no arguing that webmasters were looking for a change. Non nude or nude only solo girl sites gave them that opportunity. That’s not to say that all solo girl sites follow this line. There are solo girls that do hardcore or do lesbian and toy scenes, but any of these sites are still significantly softer than most hardcore sites. Aside from looking for a softer product to promote the other main factor was retention. With the amount of free content now available to surfers many site owners were seeing a drop in conversions from trial to full members and a shortening of average membership length. A great way to solve this is with the interactivity a solo girl can provide. If a guy sees the tour and sees the girl is hot, then he will love chatting live with her on webcam, exchanging messages with her on a chat forum or seeing her answer his requests for a certain type of outfit, pose or theme. Solo girls can easily become a virtual girlfriend and make a connection with the members that can’t be made with regular old hardcore content. Jenni Cam had a huge loyal following and the VoyeurDorm became a very popular site because of its interactive quality. With Jenni, you got a real girl and with VoyeurDorm you got a house full of hot naked girls and there was always someone online to chat with. Solo girl sites allow webmasters to take the best of both worlds and bring it to one site.

And so started the gold rush. It wasn’t long before it seemed like every program was starting up a solo girl site. New programs started that pushed only solo girl sites. Solo girl’s themselves started their own sites and teamed with affiliate program owners to promote it. Gone are the days of a girl with her digital camera and computer shooting her own content then building and promoting her own site. Now she has a company behind her with pro designers, pro photographers, an army of content and affiliate managers and tech support people. All of them working hard to make it seem like the site is actually being run by a horny girl next door. 


This is the question of the hour. For starters many of the girls are super hot, but they don’t do hardcore, or in some cases even nudity. Robert Ferrara of Get Naughty Cash said it best, “Incredibly hot girls that will do this type of work (hardcore) are very hard to find.” His program actually focuses on more average looking girls going for the more amateur/average naughty girl market instead of the smoking hot non-nude kind of market. An average looking girl that will be a little more naughty and really focuses on her member’s can be just as successful, if not more successful, than a girl that model hot. If they do hardcore, you can used the tried and true method of teasing with some softcore then promising the hardcore if they click through to the girls site. But without nudity or hardcore you cant use the promise of this as a selling point.

have always said for a solo girl site that is nude only or non-nude to succeed the girl needs to be red hot, or have personality in spades. The top girls, Jordan Capri, Raven Riley, Next Door Nikki, Brooke Skye etc. have both of these qualities. The job for the person that is promoting these sites is to bring out these qualities and push them to the surfer. Here are some bullet points you should consider when promoting a single girl site.

A. Stephanie of says that any webmaster promoting a single girl needs to personalize their sales text. Generic blurbs like “go here for more pics” or “more free movies” really don’t cut it. A person needs to present the girl’s site as if it is a personal recommendation. Make it seem like you are telling a friend about this hot girl’s site you just found.

B.  The surfer is only going to buy this type of site if they like the way the girl looks and feel like they can connect with her. Remember, if someone joins a regular porn site they often get dozens, if not hundreds of girls to pick from. Here they get one. The surfer really needs to know how special this girl is and what features her site is going to offer them. They also need to look at them not as an unattainable model, but as a girl they could actually get to know. Bill from ( pointed out that a lot of guys see these girls as a sort of online girlfriend. Making her look like someone they could actually have a chance with can help increase sales. In these cases not having hardcore actually helps. No guy wants to see their girlfriend having sex with another man.

C. Keep your content fresh. If a girl does seasonal shoots you need to use them at the appropriate times. A girl in a sexy Christmas outfit or Halloween costume or Valentines Day outfit really helps to bring home that the girl is fun and keeps up with her site.

D. Push her features. If a girl does live webcam shows for the member’s make sure the people visiting your galleries and promo sites know this. If she chats with members or does custom shoots for members make sure this is in there too. Anything that sets the site apart and makes it more appealing will help you.

E. Personality rules. Why is Jordan Capri’s site so popular? Sure she is about as cute as they come, but it is all about the personality. You watch a video of her or see a picture of her and you just like her. She has a charm that really comes through on camera. Use things like this. If you make a gallery with 15 pics, don’t be afraid to use 4-6 pics of the girl goofing off or laughing or showing behind the scenes stuff. Anything that humanizes her and makes her more real will help to sell memberships. 

In the end it is all about the surfer making a connection with the girl on the site. If they like how she looks and they think that she is hot they may buy a membership. If they like her personality and can connect with her or feel like they are a part of her world they will stick around.

It seems like not a day goes by that there isn’t an announcement of a new solo girl. Many of these sites will fail while some of them will be very good and become huge successes. One real piece of advice I can give is to pick the site(s) you are going to promote carefully. If it is a recurring program then you are counting on rebills to make your money. Along with the never ending string of announcements of new sites, there are also plenty of announcements of girls leaving the biz and closing their sites. If the girl freaks out and disappears or the site closes a few months after it opens you are out of luck. If you know you are going to be able to send a good amount of signups to a site contact the site owner and see how long the site has been up, also find out how much content they have shot in advance and what their plans are for the site. If you find the right site and apply some solid marketing principles to it, you can really make some nice money.

I would like to thank Stephanie ( the crew from Mayor’s Money ( ( Get Naughty Cash ( and some of the posters on GFY ( for helping me out with suggestions, ideas and pointing me in the right direction to find some information I used in this article. These are all good people and (where applies) good programs. Any errors or omissions in this article are mine and not their’s. 

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