Cashing in on the spanking niche

Cashing in on the spanking niche

There are two types of sexual spankings in the world (well probably more but for this article we will say two). The first is when you are playing around and spank a girl softly in a playing manner. The other is to flat out paddle her ass until it is red and stinging. Most people understand and occasionally enjoy the first type. The real money is in the second type.


Hardcore spanking is a niche within a niche and attracts a very select type of crowds that, if you can appeal to them, are willing to spend money and are always looking for hot content. Think of it like trying to sell a high end luxury car to someone. Most people won’t buy it, but those that are looking for that type of car know what they are looking for and are willing to pay for it when they find it. Finding these people and giving them something that appeals to them is the challenge of selling the spanking niche and this article will give you some ideas on how to attract those visitors and cash in on them.




Understanding the niche is not as simple as you might think. I thought I knew what it was but a woman that is a lifestyle submissive really taught me a few things about it and I’ll share them with you. First off spanking is as much about submitting and dominating as it is about punishing and controlling the other person’s actions. The person getting spanked is turning themselves over to the spanker. It is a different way of playing out the typical bondage dominate and submissive rolls. Sure it is about punishment, but it is as much about taking or giving up control.


For many people into spanking the actual act of it is sensual. They like the feel of the hand (or object) smacking against bare skin. They like the sound of it, the pain helps them to accentuate the pleasure and for them it is often a wholly sexual experience. For someone into spanking the actual act of giving or receiving the spanking is much like regular sex to someone else. Keeping this in mind is key. Often with spanking there never is any actual real sex, just spanking, but the act of the delivering the spanking is just as erotic as seeing a couple having sex in a mainstream porn site.


For those into spanking it can often be part of their lifestyle and it is not just something that is done from time to time, but it is part of their daily life. A submissive often thinks she/he could be spanked at any time and that idea turns them on. A dominate knows he/she can spank the slave whenever they want and that power turns them on. That edge and sense of awareness is part of the turn on.


You will want to keep some of these things in mind when you start to write the text on your sites/galleries.




There are a bunch of programs out there that offer up a spanking site. Most of them suck. The reason they suck is that the owners of the site don’t really understand the niche. They just put up some generic spanking content and that is it. The site’s have no focus. The best spanking paysites are one’s that are going to be run by people in the lifestyle. Choose programs that have other bondage and S&M sites in them ( has some of the best fetish sites out there so look for sites like this). These are people that know the niche and will focus their energies on making a site that converts well for that type of traffic.


I suggest using sponsor content with these sites too unless you have some really good stuff of your own. The simple reason is that if the sponsor site is good they should have some good free content and that content will be similar to what you find on the tour of the site. The more alike the tour for the sponsor is to the content you have on your site the better chances you have for a sale. For example if you use content with a girl dressed like a naughty schoolgirl getting spanking and then the site you send them to has everyone in leather and chains, it is too different and will not appeal to as many people.


Feel free to contact the sponsors and ask questions. Many spanking sites are revshare only. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for a trial pass so you can check the site out before you promote it and make sure it is good inside and will retain members.




Anyone who has built a site of any size knows that the real key to success is getting the visitor to click your outbound links and visit the sponsor. Here are some ideas on ways to improve those clicks with spanking sites.


First off you want to use what I call “hot button” terms. These are terms that will appeal to the real lovers of spanking content. You want to use terms that describe the action n very raw and intense ways. Don’t write a link that says, “Click here for more spanking pics.” Instead say, “Go here to see her ass paddled so hard it turns as red as an apple.” Or “Click here to watch movies where she gets her ass savaged and moans so loud her master has gag her.”  You want your text, especially your link text to focus on the things that really turn people on about spanking. Use terms like dominate and submit. Use works that describe the action like slap, smack, paddle. Use terms that describe how the submissive feels like, stings, ashamed, punished, pain/pleasure, turned on, aroused and so on. Before you write any text make a list of hot button terms you want to focus on. If you are making a site/gallery that focuses on women spanking men you might use hot buttons that describe her in a powerful way and him as almost helpless or like he is a complete wimp.


You want to accentuate the dominate/submissive relationship. If someone is at your site they are into spanking and chances are they either are (or want to be) a dominate or submissive. You have to speak directly to them. They don’t want to just watch. They want to be involved. Write your sites/galleries like you are speaking to them. Make them feel like they are walking into the room and being a part of what they are seeing. When someone goes to buy that high end luxury car the dealer wants them to drive it. They want them to feel how it handles and how comfortable it is. That is the hook to selling that car. The hook to selling spanking is to put them in the scene. Tell them how good it feels to have their hand come down on her ass or how it stings and feels so good to get spanked. Tell them how bad they have been and how much punishment they are going to get for being bad. Instead of just giving them a sales pitch tell them a story.


The best galleries and sites in the spanking niche are done in a way that starts off slowly, showing the dominate person undressing/tying up/preparing the submissive then it moves into some light action then some real heave action. As the action is really getting intense, that is when you hit them with the links to the sponsor site. Don’t let them see the whole scene. Don’t let them see too much of the real heavy and hardcore spanking. Don’t let them fully immerse themselves in the scene. Build up the suspense then make them click your link and pay to get the rest.


Think of it like a date. If you go to dinner then end up back at one of your homes and start kissing on the couch that is the start of the gallery/site. Then you start touching and rubbing on each other and that is the middle part. You move to the bedroom and get naked and are just about to get busy and now hit them with the link. Don’t give them too many red ass pictures. Don’t give the too many looks of pleasure and pain on the submissive’s face. Give them just enough to know you are serious then write some good links and take them to a sponsor site. If you were on a date with a girl in the above scenario and you had made out with her, got her naked and were in bed with her and she told you just before you slid it in that she wanted you to jump up and act like a chicken before you could have sex with her you would be clucking and scratching as fast as you could get to your feet. You are ready to go and want to get to the end so you do what she wants. The same goes for spanking. The people looking for this type of content want to see the scene play out. They want the red ass, back or legs. They want to see the person getting spanking either cumming or so aroused they are ready to explode. They want to see the dominate take control and the submissive surrender. So take them right to the brink with your pictures/movies and text and hit them with a link. They will have their credit card in hand without a second thought.




You would be surprised at where spanking traffic can come from. Don’t hesitate to submit your sites to regular link sites and TGPs. Often there will be a decent amount of traffic and the quality of it can be good. There is often hardly any real competition on these sites and those really interested in the niche are always searching for cool stuff so when you are the only option on that site offering it to them you are already way out ahead of the pack.


Fetish link sites and TGPs are also places you can submit to, but I wouldn’t expect as much great traffic from them. You might get more traffic, but you also have more competition. That said if you work hard and really understand the niche your site could really stand out and draw some nice conversions for you.


Search engines can be a very big source of this type of traffic because the visitors are out there looking so you want to optimize your sites for them so that they can find your site. Some looking for spanking is on the prowl for a good site. When they find yours and like what they see they are often willing to spend money. Check out our articles on search getting search engine traffic for more on getting ranked well in search engines.


There are not as many people out there looking for spanking as there are for many other forms of porn. For example the term “spanking” is searched around 27,000 times a day while the word “porn” gets over 360,000 searches a day. The market is smaller, but it is more focused. There is less free spanking content out there to compete with and the visitors in this niche know what they are after and often are willing to pay for it when they find it. If you study the niche, treat is seriously and make some good sites you can really cash in on the spanking niche.


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