Making Extra Money With Splash Pages

This article is about making money with something I call splash pages. A splash page is basically a single page that advertises a site or a small group of sites in a particular niche. It is different from an FPA in a couple of ways. First, it actually provides some content and second you will be creating this on your own and presenting it as an actual site, not just a big advertisement.


Building a good splash page involves several different elements. First, you need to pick a niche you want to work in. Second, you want to pick out a few very nice picture samples or maybe even a very short movie sample. You don’t want to give away very much here so 3-4 pictures or a 10 second movie is plenty. Once you have your content selected you want to lay it out as if it were a story they are reading in a paper. Put some text at the top that draws them in. No need filling it up with tons and tons of text, just enough to draw them in. Then put a couple of pics below that then put more text and a couple more pics then finally invite them to check out the site. I like to write my text like it is telling a hot story that surrounds the pictures.

Make sure you pepper your text with some nice keywords and also make sure you make a keyword rich title and description tag for the page. Also feel free to link some of the keywords in your text to your sponsor. If you are going to use more than one sponsor per splash page, you might consider breaking the page into sections and writing text for each of them separately. I personally prefer using just one sponsor per splash page so that I can use their content and don’t have to worry about breaking their rules.

If you are deciding to use pics on the page I would also suggest you put them on html pages and have the full size pic and some text above and below it linked to the sponsor. There are a lot of people that will click on those. Porn is an impulse buy. They see the hot full size pic and want more right then, they don’t really want to have to go back to the main page and find a link to click.


Promoting you splash pages is as easy as submitting your free sites to link lists and galleries to tgps. On the pages of these sites you will have recips to the various sites you are submitting to. Just add a recip to your splash page on your free sites as if it were another site you were submitting to. Do the same on your tgp galleries and link to your splash page as if it were another tgp you were linking to.

These recips to your splash pages will do two different things. First, you will get some traffic to you pages. It won’t be a lot of traffic at first, but over time it will build up. Second, it will get some nice inbound links coming to your keyword rich splash pages which will help it to get ranked in search engines. 

If you have any type of links sites, blogs or tgps that you run you should be linking to these splash pages from there as well.


As you start to see some traffic coming to your splash pages there is a few things you can do to help your search engine rankings. First, build a few site hubs and link to all of you splash pages then link from you splash pages to your hubs. This will help you circulate traffic and build more links. Second, make sure your links to your splash pages have good anchor text. I wrote an article on anchor text recently that you can find here. In a nutshell you want the text that is actually linked to your splash pages from your sites and galleries to contain the keywords you are looking to rank well it. Third, change up the page periodically. Every few weeks (or at least monthly) change the text of the splash pages and change the pictures on them as well. You don’t have to make wholesale changes and build an entirely new page, just enough to let the search engines know that the site has been updated and that they need to crawl it again. Search engines love fresh content so keeping these things fresh will help any rankings you get. 


Build splash pages for every niche you make sites and submit galleries for. If you are ultimately going to build a link hub to link all of your splash pages together build them even in niches you don’t work much in. If you run a link site or have a tgp that is categorized build one for every category. If you build 50 of these things and they all only end up getting 10 hits a day that is 500 more visitors a day than you had before. You will find these splash pages have a pretty high click through rate so many of those people will see your sponsor’s sites.

Porn is a numbers game. The more people that see your sites, the more you can send to your sponsors and the more that get to the sponsors the more you will sell. If you spend a few days and build 50 splash pages that only end up getting 1 sale a month for every 2 splash pages you have that is still 25 sales a month for very little work and upkeep. Basically you just build a page and linked to it from pages you were going to build and submit anyway. If you are using a sponsor that pays $30 per signup that is an extra $750 in your pocket basically for do the same work you were doing before.

Splash pages are easy to make and can help you add to your bottom line. They probably won’t get you rich, but they can add a little more money to your pocket for doing work you were already going to do.


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