Using toplists, link dumps and CJ sites to rev up your traffic

Toplist, CJ (circle jerk) and link dump sites are interesting and sometimes useful and profitable ways to grow traffic. Essentially, for those that don’t know, these are sites that basically don’t offer any real content, instead they link to sites and process traffic. This article will discuss each of these types of sites and how to use them to grow traffic and make money.


Toplists are perhaps one of the oldest forms of site on the internet. The name pretty much says it all. They are simple sites that are often single pages that have people link to them and then they rank the inbound links by the amount of traffic sent. Whoever sends the most traffic is ranked first on the list the second most gets the second spot and so on. The idea is that the top ranked person gets the most exposure and will get the most return traffic, but each site has a chance to get some decent traffic from list because there are no guarantees where a surfer will click once they are on the list.

If you are using a toplist to get traffic to your site the key is all in your title/description/image. Some toplists only want the title of your site, others allow you to add a description and still others will let you post a sample image or a banner. Make sure your title is one that will draw the surfer to it. Be honest, but be aggressive. If you are allowed to use a description write something enticing that will make people want to click. With either case, study the toplist and see what is already on there so you can make your site different and cause it to stand out. 

If you are running a toplist one key I have found it to not overpopulate the page with your sponsor ads, but instead use them effectively. At the top of the page have an ad for a sponsor site that is in the same niche as your toplist. Then somewhere in the middle and at the bottom of the toplist add in a couple more links to other sponsors, only these I would make something different from the niche like dating sites or sex toy sites. These ads won’t compete for clicks with the other niche dependant sites, but will entice those interested in something different.


A link dump is simply what it sounds like. It’s a site that runs a script that allows anyone to add their site instantly to the list. When you first add your site you will be at the top of the list then you will move down the list as more people add their sites above yours. I’ve never actually run one of these sites, but I would assume the primary key to doing them successfully would be getting some traffic to them then getting people to list their sites. I have, however, used these sites to generate a little traffic. You can use them toget some traffic to your new toplist or CJ site, or anywhere. There are link dumps out there that get a decent amount of traffic and there are others that don’t get much at all so finding good ones can be a challenge. There are also some programs out there that will submit your site to several hundred link dumps all at once. While these can save you a bunch of time, there is also no way of knowing just how good or popular the link dumps you are submitting to, nor do you know their rules so use these at your own discretion.


There was a time when the CJ site ruled the adult web. I ran several that were very large and did pretty well for me. These days it’s harder to find traffic partners, but they can still be used with some effectiveness. A CJ site is basically a site with a ton of links on it, but all the links go to a traffic trading scripts out option. The script then sends anyone that clicks a link to another site. CJ sites used to make their money by popping an exit console on the site when the visitor left, but these days it is more likely that the CJ script will simply send a certain number of the visitors directly to a sponsor site. 

To utilize a CJ site you have to be the one that runs the site. Once you get a decent base of traffic up you can start skimming off hits to your other sites, like maybe your toplists or your link dumps. Some people use them just to send traffic to sponsors or to their blogs or TGPS. CJ sites can be a great way to build up bookmarkers on a site like a blog or TGP because after having been sent through the wringer of 20 sites without any content, when the surfer actually finds something, he is going to be pretty damn happy and may stick around. I personally run a couple of small CJ sites and I send skims of the traffic direct to my regular TGP and to an FPA advertising some of my best converting sponsors.


Being successful in the adult internet business is all about capitalizing on everything you can. Adding some CJs and toplists and using link dumps can be a way to help you get more traffic to your sites and help you to make more sales and grow those sites. Remember, every surfer is a pair of eyes that are looking for porn. Offer them what they want to see and you will be rewarded with cash in your pocket.




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