Making Money in The Uniform Fetish Niche

Among the various fetish niches out there the uniform fetish is one many webmasters can relate to and cash in on. It seems a little odd to me that more webmasters don’t work in this niche, but I guess that is more money for those of us who choose to give it a run. This article will give you some ideas on how to promote and profit from the uniform niche.


This might seem like a simple question, but some people actually make mistakes here. Girls dressed as cheerleaders, maids, nurses and schoolgirls are in uniform. Girls in nylons, stockings and lingerie are not. I have seen a lot of people try to sell their site as a “uniform” site and it is covered with girls that are not in uniform. The people that are looking for girls in uniforms are looking for the uniforms as much as anything else, they like a naked girl, sure, but they are more interested in her in the uniform. If they want lingerie or bikinis they will go to sites for that type of stuff, here they want uniforms so that is what you will give them.


Unlike many niches, this is actually a niche that most webmasters can work in. I have always said in the past that you should at least understand a niche before you try to work in it so if you aren’t into bondage or at least understand bondage you shouldn’t work in the bondage niche. If you don’t know about or like facials and cumshots, stay away from that niche. That said I don’t know any guy that would say seeing a girl dressed as a naughty maid isn’t hot. I think most guys can understand what turns you on about seeing a babe dressed as a slutty schoolgirl or a dirty nurse. The difference is most typical people would only want this on occasion whereas a fetishist wants it all the time. Think of it in reverse of what a typical person wants. A typical guy wants to see a hot naked girl. From time to time he might want her in a naughty outfit or uniform, but most of the time he just wants her clothes off. The uniform lover is just the opposite. They like the nudity, but they are more interested in the uniforms.


As you set up your site or gallery there are a few things to keep in mind. First off you will most likely want to stick to a single uniform style. I say this with the understanding that you are making a small free site or tgp gallery. I’ll get to larger sites in a minute. Having a single uniform gives your site a theme and is easier to market.  Pick a uniform and create your thumbs and galleries. When you write your text you might try telling the viewer a story. Explain to them why this bad girl is in her uniform and what type of naughty stuff she wants to do. If she is a flight attendant explain how she will take them to the mile high club. If she is a schoolgirl tell them about how she likes to get dirty during study time in her dorm. If she a cheerleader tell them how she is just a freshman at college and needed to suck the coaches cock to make the squad. Building a story around the uniform helps lend to the fantasy of it and will help draw more clicks to your sponsors than just a “click here for more uniforms” links will. Remember the visitor is turned on by the uniform. If you put them in the scene with the uniform you draw them just that much closer to getting out their credit card.

When you make the sample thumb you will use for submitting your site pick one that really puts the uniform on display. Again, the nudity and/or sex is second here, the uniform comes first.

When you choose what sponsor you want to promote you need to pick wisely. Many sponsors offer uniform fetish sites and many of them kind of suck. They have a couple of school girls and a maid then have a bunch of generic looking girls/porn. These types of sites will tend to appeal less to the uniform fetishist than a site that had less nudity and/or sex on the tour and more uniforms featured. Think of it as if you were buying a car. If you wanted a BMW and walked onto a lot, you don’t care how many Audis they have, you are there to look at the BMW. The same goes here. You can plaster a site with hardcore porn and super hot naked girls and the uniform lovers will back out and leave. They are more turned on by the hottie dressed as a naughty teacher than by a dozen hot pornstars deepthroating.

When you submit your site don’t just focus on the fetish and niche link sites and tgps. You will be happy to find that there are many surfers looking for this type of stuff on the general and larger link sites and tgps and these sites will have much less competition for you. There may be fewer visitors, but you have less sites/galleries to compete with so the odds of making a sale go way up.


Uniform lovers spend a lot of time in search engines looking for what they want so you might want to think of starting up a uniform directory of sorts. Once you have a handful of free sites/galleries you can make a larger link site style site and start linking to these sites/galleries. As you continue to build more sites your list will grow. You can also list free hosted galleries and free hosted sites in your uniform link list and you might even consider starting a uniform blog.  Create different sections to the site. Have schoolgirls in one area, nurses in another and cheerleaders in still another. This will help you to focus you keyword efforts on these pages so you can optimize each section of the site to get the best rankings possible within the search engines.

In the end the secret to your success in the uniform fetish niche will come down to a couple of things. First is the quality of content you can get. Whether you buy it or you are using sponsor supplied content the quality of the content really counts. The people that are into this niche want to really experience it so crappy pictures and movies just won’t cut it. Second is how you write your sales text. If you just put up some pics with a few “click here for more” links you won’t have much success. If you are able to write text around your galleries/sites that really draws the visitor into the world of the girl and her uniform it will go a long ways towards helping you. Last is the quality of the site you promote. If you can’t find a site you like that offers good content don’t hesitate to make your own AVS site and promote that as if it were your sponsor. The best site/gallery filled with the hottest text in the world will do you no good if the sponsor site sucks. I recommend finding those that focus on this type of niche as opposed to those that run 100 different sites with uniforms being one of them.

The uniform fetish is something most people understand and if you take a little time to dissect what it is from what it isn’t and you really sink your teeth into the heart of what makes people enjoy it, you can find yourself with some nice profits.


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