Unusual Niches: Pregnant & Balloons

We are all aware that everybody has different tastes when it comes to adult entertainment. The majority of porn connoisseurs enjoy watching run of the mill acts of sexual intercourse. Some people prefer to see oral sex, whether it is blowjobs or cunnilingus. Some porn lovers enjoy seeing blond girls with big breasts, while others prefer Asian lesbians. Some people only get off from porn that contains young looking women, while others rely solely on MILF or mature type women for their viewing pleasure. Whatever someone’s tastes are when it comes to porn, there is more than enough content available to them on the Internet. However, there are many individuals who enjoy their porn a little raunchier, a little bit more risqué, or even a little bit more unusual. These people have very particular tastes when it comes to their porn, and they want to find a site that understands their unique needs and desires. One problem that I find with niche sites is that their webmasters do not truly understand the niche that they are serving. It is okay to run a niche site, as long as you have a feel for what your audience is after, but if you are unsure, then there is a good chance you may be pushing your customers away. The purpose of this article is to give webmasters some insight into a couple of niches that are a little bit out of the ordinary.


We have all heard the saying that while women are pregnant they have a certain glow. Well, this glow is part of the reason why the pregnant niche has such a following. Pregnant women are seen as almost sacred creatures that are going through a beautiful life-giving process and this is a turn-on for many people. If Freud had to analyze this niche he would probably say that pregnant women remind men of their mothers and this is where the sexual fantasy comes into play. There is the possibility that he could be right, but I find his theories a little far fetched to truly believe in them. 

There is no denying it, pregnant women are alluring. Their bodies become more voluptuous as their breasts and bellies grow and they carry a growing life in their womb. The desire for content containing pregnant women comes from a more spiritual and pure place and because of this, people do not always like their content to be too hardcore. There are of course some pregnant lovers, who enjoy seeing their objects of desire giving head or being involved in group sex, but the majority of pregnant content connoisseurs are more turned on by just seeing the naked form, or the women engaged in softcore acts. Pregnant niche webmasters will want to keep in mind that their target audience could be offended and may cancel their membership if they are subject to content that is too hardcore for their liking. 


I can pretty much understand the attraction to most of the niches, but it is the appeal of the balloon niche that has confused me in the past. I could never really comprehend how a woman with balloons could turn someone on, but now that I have some background knowledge of the niche, I can begin to understand where the attraction comes into play. It is said that the balloon fetish is a subset of the latex fetish because they have a similar feel and smell, however balloons have the ability to expand and pop. It is this sensation that most balloon fetishists are attracted to. They feel that the blowing up and popping of balloons represents the growing erection, and ensuing climax and release. They see a woman rubbing a balloon all over their body as the equivalent to a woman playing with a penis, and when the balloon pops, the penis explodes with ejaculation. The niche is really all about what the balloon represents. Balloon fetishists also get a thrill out of anticipating the moment when the balloon is going to burst which is the same feeling that most people get just before climaxing. 

Balloon fetishists call themselves looners and the content that they prefer is relatively softcore when it comes to porn. They like content in which a woman poses nude with the balloon, plays with a balloon, strokes herself with it, squeezes it between her thighs or hands, and perhaps eventually pops the balloon. Looners can be divided into two categories: poppers and non-poppers. Like I mentioned before, poppers enjoy the build up and the eventual release. However, non-poppers just want to give the balloon a chance. Some looners claim that their balloon fetish dates back to when they were children and they were scared of the popping noise that balloons made when they burst. They feel that this fear then turned into an erotic fantasy, which is very common when it comes to sexual fetishes as fear brings on a rush of endorphins. Webmasters who attempt to tackle this particular niche better make sure that they completely understand what their audience is looking for. Looners like their content to be relatively softcore and they do not want to see anyone attempting to stick any balloons inside of them, nor will they be likely to respond to balloon content in conjunction with hardcore sex. Another thing to take note of is that the balloon fetish is not only a hetero fetish, but also quite popular in the gay community as well.

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balloon fan says:
i love balloons picture it a bunch of girls with balloons scare to pop them
July 29th, 2011
at 7:05am EST
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