My Most Profitable Niche

Before I tell you what that particular niche is, let me give you a little history about myself...

I became an adult webmaster over three years ago. I know thats not a long time by some estimates, but its long enough for me to have gained some experience in this particular field. When I first started out, I did like most experienced webmasters urged newbies to do: I concentrated on building web sites in the niches that I liked best. After all, if you are enthusiastic about a certain niche, you will naturally convey that enthusiasm to others, which can help sales ratios. Promoting the niches that turn you on the most is still good advice. However, if your mind is on the bottom line (and whos mind isnt or shouldnt be?), the first thing you should ask yourself is this:

Is the niche that I enjoy most a profitable one?

Not all of them are, mind you, and of the ones that are, some are more profitable than others.

I should know; Ive built over 100 web sites, exploring all of the more popular ones, and some of the not so popular ones also. I love big tits, petite tits, legs, asses, hairy women, you name it, and Ive built a website exploiting that particular niche, or fetish, to be more exact. Not all of them converted for me. In fact, very few of them did. There appears to be a glut of big-tit, leg, fat-asses, hairy-women sites on the Web. I believe surfers have become a bit jaded (some have been jaded for a long time). They want something new, something different.

Dont get me wrong. Promoting a niche that you hate, just to make some money, is not good business sense either. Your distaste will show; you cant hide it. You wont be able to convey the necessary enthusiasm to your surfers, and your sales will suffer as a result. The trick is to find a niche that you enjoy, and that also converts like crazy. Thats what makes a perfect marriage.

How do you do this, you ask?

Well, its not that hard to figure out what turns you on; you already know that. The problem is how to find the niches that convert better than others.

Its really not that hard. Do a little experiment. Go to Google, the top search engine of the moment, and type in the niche that you find most enjoyable. As an example, lets say it is big tits. As I write, there are 3,270,000 listings for big tits. The first ten listings under this topic are presumably the most popular. Most of the time youll see websites listed that promote paysites, rather than seeing the paysites themselves listed. Browse the top sites listed and see which paysites are commonly promoted. These are likely to be paysites that run trustworthy affiliate programs. At least, theoretically.

Ok, say I also like sexy mature women. I go to Google, type this in, and find out there are over 4,510,000 listings for this niche. More people want to see sexy mature women than want to see big tits (despite the fact that a lot of these woman probably have big tits too, as an added bonus, you might say). So, this niche might be even more profitable than the previous one, and it would probably do me good to promote it too. Theoretically, again.

Mind you, Im not saying you will get rich doing this or even that you will become moderately successful. Im just trying to get you to thinking more creatively, if you want to make more money, and who doesnt? There are even some web sites that claim to rate the different niches, showing which is the most popular, and which converts the best. Some are shams, some are a bit more accurate.

But in all truthfulness, neither big tits, sexy mature women, or the other niches I mentioned have converted very well for me. There is one that has, which brings me back to the beginning of this article.

Vintage porn, nostalgia porn, vintage sex , old stag films, call it what you will. I have had more sales with these retro sites than any other site combined.

Remember I said that surfers are jaded, and are seeking something different? In my experience, this something different is vintage porn, whether old stag films, or pin-ups featuring the likes of Bettie Pages and others.

Why? you ask. I dont really know. Perhaps people are hankering for a more simpler time. A time when there was less silicone and saline; a time when women (and men, too) were more natural. There are probably others reasons, but to see an old black and white photo of a lovely, natural nude can be just as erotic, if not more so, as an artificially-enhanced porn star of today. In other words, those old black and whites are just as big a turn-on today as when they were first created. Plus, I like the niche, I am enthusiastic about it, and it naturally shows when Im creating a web site to promote it. Another thing, with vintage porn, you get a host of different niches all rolled into one: big tits (natural, of course), hairy women (most women didnt shave their pubes back in the day), sexy mature women (a lot of the women are over thirty), and several other niches and fetishes (from sexy legs to bondage and S&M).

Incidentally, if you look up vintage porn on Google, there are 1,760,000 listings. Not as many as some of the others, but the sites convert much, much better. Go figure.

Heres a list of some of the more popular vintage porn sites that have affiliate programs...

RetroRaunch - One of the oldest and the best. Nice retention ratios.

Vintage Pics - A part of MoreCash. In my experience this site does not convert as well as RetroRaunch and some of the others, but it does convert.

Nostalgia Porn - One of the newest vintage porn site, from TooMuchGreen. Fantastic conversations.

Retro Lady - From the people at ShockingCash. Good retro sex site.

I would love to see some struggling newbies, as I was not too long ago, have some degree of success. You deserve something for all that hard work, dont you? Some things you learn by trial and error, and I think being a successful adult webmaster is one of them. You can educate yourself of course, and you should try to learn as much as possible about your chosen field of endeavor, but its only by doing that you actually learn.

The most profitable adult niche of all? Its the one that you enjoy promoting, and through research, trial and error, youve learned is also a good converter.

By the way: Vintage porn rules! At least, it does for me.

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Lakisha says:
That's the perfect insight in a trhaed like this.
March 4th, 2013
at 3:38am EST
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