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Webcam programs are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s adult online world. The reason is pretty simple, they offer something different from the traditional porn site and they can also be fairly cheap to start up. I say that because you will find many of the webcam programs out there to be nothing more than branded versions of existing programs so startup and maintenance costs are pretty low. Some people make a lot of money promoting webcams and others can’t seem to convert them. I was one of the later, but have had some success with them and this article will give you some ideas on how to convert and profit in the webcam world.


I’m not going to endorse any one program over another but I will say that, to me, there are a few things that a program needs in order for me to promote it. I need the program to allow me to link right to a girl’s bio/intro page. If I can only link to the main page, I won’t use that program. I also prefer a program that has some decent sample pictures and/or free cams for people to check out. The surfer needs to wet their whistle and this is a good way to do it. Also some nice sample pictures I can use are always good too. The better their stats are the more likely I am to stick around as well. I want to see free joins and paid joins at the least. 

Before promoting any program I see what they charge per minute. I have actually had a lot more success and made more money promoting the programs that charge less per minute. To me having a guy buy 20 minutes at $1.99 a minute is a lot better than having someone buy 5 minutes or less because it costs $4.99 a minute. You can browse the tours of sites and find out pretty quickly what they charge per minute. It seems that the less they charge per minute, the more likely the visitor is to return to the site.


What makes webcams different is that it isn’t a one way street. When someone watches regular porn they sit and look at a movie or picture. With webcams they get to interact with the girls. They can talk to them, tell them what to do and be involved in the process. They can find exactly the type of girl they like and have one on one fun with her. These are the things you need to bring to their attention in your ads. A lot of people simply type up links that says things like, “Click here to watch hot webcam girls,” or something similar to that. While that’s not terrible, it’s not that great either. I prefer putting up a thumbnail picture or two of the girl and putting up a link with her screen name that says something like, “LoveSexy is online and horny.” If I have a lot of space to play with I may write up a short description about her and what she likes to do. The idea is to entice the guy to click the link and learn more about the girl, then he sees her bio and decides if he likes her or not. I also always include a link that says something like, “If LoveSexy isn’t online right now, go here to see the other girls that are online right now!” 

Making what I call quarter pages ads has been my best marking tool. I make a table ad that is around 500 x 200 and put several thumbs of actual cam girls in it then a short description that tells the surfer what they are getting. Let them know that these girls will do whatever they want. They have girls of every type of every taste and all they want is to please you. Really sell the interactive feature. I like to say, “You can tell them to do whatever you want and they will listen. It’s like directing your own personal porn.” Let them know they are the ones in control. Also let them know they get to chat live with the girls for free. The more you inform them of what they get, the more attractive the idea of live webcam girls sounds. If you can get them to click, the girls will sell the service.


I make free sites and galleries that I use to promote webcam programs. I also put links to them on my blogs. One of my most effective marketing techniques has been to put thumbs of the online girls in the sidebars of my blogs. Since this isn’t a “typical” porn site it won’t take away a lot of traffic from your regular sponsors and even those that check out the cam site and return to your site/gallery may find themselves clicking links to go to more traditional porn sites. 

If you find the right sponsor they can give you some good pictures of different girls to use for promotion. Making free sites and galleries out of these pictures really works well since this is an actual girl on the site. You can make sites that seem like they are the girl’s personal home page and they are the ones putting the pics up. Done correctly this can draw some mad traffic to her bio on the site and get you some nice signups.


With almost all programs I prefer going with a pay per signup option. For me it is better because I get paid up front and I don’t have to worry about how long they stay around, but with webcam programs I actually prefer revshare. Say your program offers you $50 per signup or 30% commission. You don’t get any money until they buy a block of time. So if they buy a block of 30 minutes at $1.99 per minute pay per signup pays you $50. Revshare would be around $18. It is a lot less, but many programs will tell you the average person buys blocks of 60 minutes or longer and once they get into the service they come back month after month. Unlike a regular porn site that relies on the site updating to keep members coming back, webcams have the girls that do that for you. They get fan clubs started and email people pics of them and chat with them. They do everything they can to encourage people to come back and chat more. It is like having a hot naked sales team working for you. There is a reason many cam programs offer you $100 or $125 per signup – it is because a paying customer is worth much more than that so you might as well get a piece of that long term pie.

In the end webcams can be a nice addition to your income. With the personal aspect of the sites they often convert well and hold customers for a while. If you push the personality of the girls and the interactive quality of the sites you can find yourself making some nice coin from these sites.


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