Useful Cheap and Free Tools

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces of software. These are things I use almost every day and they are either free or cheap. Seo Note ( is a cool little program that lets you create all kinds of notes, outlines and daily schedules. It took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to use it, but once I did I found it to be an invaluable tool. The fact that it is 100% free is amazing. I would pay for this it is so useful. Thumbnailer ( is a thumbnail making program that also allows you to create many different custom html templates and it has some very cool plugins to make effects on your thumbs. You can use it free for up to a 100 thumbs a day or it is $25 to buy it. I bought it about 5 years ago and have gotten all the updates free and twice they have found my regkey for me. I can’t recommend this program enough. Ulead Gif Animator ( is for people like me who want flashy cool banners and graphics, but have limited graphic skills. It is easy to learn and will have you making some cool animated graphics in no time. It is free to try and then $29 to buy. Unifed Stats ( is a free stats program that will scan all the sponsor programs you use and list all your clicks and sales in a report. No more checking many different sites each day, now you can just look here. There are other programs out there that do this and are very good, but this one is free. Board Tracker ( isn’t for adult only boards you can use it to track 1,000’s of boards all over the internet. It is free and easy to use. Just sign up, select the types of boards you want to track and enter your keywords. Whenever those keywords show up in a post on a board you will be sent an email notification with a link to the post. I have learned a lot and kept up on a lot just by using this cool free service. These are just a few of the things out there. I’ll be telling you about others later. I hope you find these useful.


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