Photoshop Tutorials

Every webmaster should have at least some basic skills with Photoshop. Using it to retouch your pictures or make yourself some simple logos can save you some serious money and give you a chance to make some cool looking galleries and sites. Here are some nice, easy to follow and well written Photoshop tutorials for you to check out. – this is a long list of various photo shop tutorials voted the best of the best in 2007. – some great tutorials from the guys at Blue Design Studios (these guys are great designers). – some great tutorials showing you how to make some great basic elements. – a little bit of everything from the great Mark Tiarra. – another collection that gives you some of everything. – a full site devoted to nothing but Photoshop tutorials. – some nice advanced techniques on this site as well as general how to stuff and tutorials. – some nice stuff on text effects and special effects.

These tutorials should keep you busy for a while to come. I admit I am not very good with Photoshop and I have managed to knock out some really cool stuff following these tutorials.



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