Organizing Your Sites

Here is a little tip that might save you some time in the long run. I didn’t do this when I first started then went back and did this later and now keep up with it. It took me some time, but it is worth it. If you are the type of webmaster that runs one or two big sites this won’t be much use to you, but if you are like a lot of us and you have tons of small free sites and galleries you might find it useful.

What you do is create a spreadsheet that has several columns. In the first column put the url of the site. The second column put the niche the site is in. In the third column put if the site is a free site or if it is a gallery, blog or whatever. In the last column put what sponsors you use on the site. Of course you can add any number of columns you want for any information you may want to keep on these sites. As you build new sites and galleries add them to this spreadsheet and keep it up to date. I personally keep a different spreadsheet for each domain I own, but you could also do it all in one spreadsheet and add a column for which domain the site/gallery is on.

I first found doing this useful when in the matter of two months I had two different sponsors change up their linking codes. They sent out an email saying that the old codes would no longer work and I spent many hours looking for sites and replacing links. Then shortly after that another sponsor closed down and I had to replace all the links I had going to their sites as well. The first few were a pain in my ass because I had to hunt down each site/gallery that had the links and change them. Once I got the spreadsheet up I was able to easily find which sites had that sponsor on them and I was able to change it fast. It is also useful if you ever want to try a new sponsor on some of your sites because you can quickly see what sites you have in what niche and it can also be useful if there is ever a question about a site you can quickly look it up and see what content is on it and what sponsor you use for it. I have found myself using this spreadsheet periodically and it has saved me some serious time and headaches. Once you have it together it only takes a few minutes a day to keep updated/


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