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Don’t Be Stupid

Monday, February 25th, 2008

The last week has been kind of crazy on the webmaster boards. There has been much talk about tube sites which I will get into in a few days, but there have been many other heated conversations. There was a thread I was involved in that discussed a recent current event. Most people in the thread, as you would expect, were pretty cool. They made their points and debated others points and were always pretty respectful. There were a few people calling each other idiots, but that isnt abnormal. The stupid thing was when one guy in the thread started saying some really offensive stuff. He was wishing people dead, encouraging violence and calling for the murders of people. When confronted he struck back, calling people names and really attacking them personally. He got more and more pissed because people couldn’t see his point of view.

Here is the problem. The guy is a representative for a company that has a newer up and coming product. I was planning on giving the product a try because it might actually be useful for what I do, but after reading his words, Im not trying it. There are other like products on the market and this guy’s actions and attitude convinced me to give the other products a try. I was not the only person in the thread to say this. He cost himself at least a few customers including one really major affiliate program. There is no telling how many people read the thread and didnt post in it decided the same thing. Somehow I doubt the company that hired this person was looking for this type of representation.

Imagine if you worked for a company that sold a product. You are on a sales call and while you are talking to prospective customers the conversation turns to some recent news story. You disagree with their point of view and flip out. You start calling them idiots, tell them they should be shot and tell them because they dont agree with your point of view they are so stupid they should be fired and go work at a fast food place. How long do you think you would have a job? Why should the internet be different? Keyboard warriors will always exist. People like to flex and act tough when they can be anonymous and out of range. But if you are a pro and you are working for a company (even if that company is yours) dont be stupid and say things that could cost you customers and cause your reputation to get damaged.

ICANN Screws Up

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Im not typically critical of Icann. They have some very bright people on their board and tend to do the right thing most of the time. They saw the troubles and downside of .xxx and were wise enough to refuse to grant the extension. They were instrumental in allowing people other than Network Solutions sell domain names which created competition resulting in lower prices and better service for customers. But this time they dropped the ball.

I am talking about their recent ruling finding that registars (namely Network Solutions) can "front run" domains. What this means is if you go to Network Solutions website and do a search to see if a domain name is available and then dont immediately buy it Network Solutions may choose to hold that name for a short time. So you could search for a name then come back a few hours later to buy it and now it is frozen and you may have to pay a larger premium price for your domain.

There are two basic schools of thought about why they do this. First they want to profit from your desired domain either by charging you more for it or parking it with advertising on it. Second is that it forces you to buy it from them. You cant search on their site then run off and buy it from a discount registar. There have been cases where people search for a domain name at Network Solutions. Then go to register it somewhere else and it is suddenly no longer availible. If they go back to Network Solutions, however, the name can still be registered because Netsol grabbed it once you searched for it. You now have no choice but to pay their price if you want the domain.

ICANN has done their investigation and they have found that there is nothing wrong with this practice. To me it just not right. To me it is like if you went into a store and looked at something then left and came back to buy it an hour later only now they have raised the price on it because they know there was interest in it  and they wont let youto buy that product somewhere else.

Okay, Im ending my rant. Just wanted to let you know. If you are looking for domain look them up at the registar you are going to use to buy them buy them once you find them.


Use Google Sitemaps for your blogs

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

I have mentioned this in an article I once wrote about blogging ( but I wanted to touch on it again because it is very important. Google and Yahoo have essentially decided on a standardized way of presenting and reading sitemaps. I’m not just talking about a hand made site map that you put together, but an actual XML site map that basically looks like nothing more than a bunch of code with urls. These sitemaps are read by google and yahoo and they are used to index you site. They tell these SE’s when you updated your site last and what you added. If you look at them, and you are not proficient in XML, they are going to look like an alien language, but it doesn’t matter the SE’s can read them so that is all that matters.

With this plugin your blog will automatically update the sitemap when you add or delete posts and it will ping the SE’s to let them know the site has been updated.
This is the plugin I use and like. It is easy to set-up and use and has some really nice features in it.
This is a great site that gives you information on what a site map is, what it is used for and how to use it on not just your blogs, but your regular sites as well.

Free Logo Maker

Friday, February 8th, 2008

I have recently posted some links to some photo shop tutorials. Then it struck me that sometimes I am lazy and don’t want to take the time  make a simple logo even though I know how. Also there are people out there that don’t have photo shop. Here’s a place I have found through my travels that will help you out.
This is a sweet site that will make you a logo online. There is also a nice button maker and some cool fonts you can download. And it is all free.

Enjoy and have a good weekend.

Designers Needed

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

It seems like not a week goes by that I don’t see affiliate program owners on the boards looking to hire dependable, good designers to full time gigs or for long term projects. I know some designers can be flaky and others are just no good so finding a good designer for them can be difficult. 

So if you want to always be working learn how to do graphic design and get good at it. There are many people, myself included, who know how to do a little bit with Photoshop, but nothing major so we hire designers to do our good stuff. If you can get good at this finding steady work should not be difficult. Also there are many programs out there that let you design your own FHG templates and site tours and submit them for the program to use. If they use your templates or tours you get a commission every time it makes a sale. I know a few designers that make some decent extra money doing this. 

Here is a good place to start. This is a great site that gives you all kinds of tutorial and great ideas. So get in there, get some info and get some work!