Superbowl Weekend

You could cancel Christmas and forget Thanksgiving and I wouldn’t really care. For a few of my friends and I Superbowl weekend is the real holiday. We start on Saturday and cook up a big feast, hook up the Xbox 360 to the big screen and eat and play games until late into the night. Then everyone crashes and we wake up first thing in the morning, cook a nice breakfast and start up the food for the game. We play more games, hang out and have fun. It’s a geek’s paradise, nothing but unwashed guys playing video games and eating.

By the time the game comes on we are video gamed out, the women have returned (they take our video game night as an opportunity to have a girl’s night away) and we all hang out together to watch, enjoy and eat. By the time the game is over and the post game show has ended we are pretty shot. I’m not 19 anymore so one weekend like this a year is just about enough.

How does this relate to webmastering? Well, it is a lesson in getting away. It can be easy to get obsessed with your sites, stats and projects. It is important to get away for a day or two every now and then. Hang with your friends, have fun and recharge your batteries. You won’t get burnt out as fast and your business with improve because you feel good, had fun and got to enjoy some of the fruits of your hard labor.

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