New Version Of Chameleon Submitter

There is a new version of the Chameleon Submitter program released today. I have been using it for a few days and can say that some of the new function are really cool. There are some nice new recip previews and other features like the ability to just select the the movies from your gallery folder and it auto fills in the size, total time and type of movies into the submitter form. Here is a list of things that have been changed:

  • More categories to choose from! Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter now offers a selection of 239 categories!
  • Support of automatic insertion of info on movies selected from several folders!
  • You can now verify/modify recip links before they are automatically inserted in the duplicated galleries – do so in the list of generated sites!
  • A new Duplicate tab which is easier to navigate and shows a preview of the duplicated gallery including sample recips before its duplication + more new features!
  • FTP Options extended to include more settings, e.g. Host Directory as an alternative to the Initial Gallery Directory
  • Your comments on sites are displayed and can be edited directly during the submit process!
  • Support of quick access to the site settings in the database while submitting!
  • Faster adding of new sites to the database using ‘cloning’ of a site added earlier! This is useful if adding similar sites (e.g. from the same network, etc.).
  • Support for two different sizes of the pic and movie sample thumbnail for each site in the database!
  • Support for setting the niches banned by individual sites in the database!
  • Recip link settings in Site Details were extended to include additional features which make the verification of recip links easier!
  • A number of useful improvements and several corrected bugs to ensure a more comfortable and efficient use of Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter!
  • I wrote a review of the chameleon submitter and other products here if you want to check that out.

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