Get back to basics

I have been reading a lot recently about how tube sites and recession and more competition are driving people out of business or seeing a slowdown in business. I’m sure there is some truth to this. There is more free porn out there today than ever before but I maintain that ultimately the tube sites are a business model that is born to fail. When or if that happens doesn’t  change today and next week. Most of us are pretty much helpless to make huge changes in the industry, but there are things you can do.

1. Ignore the doom and gloom of the boards. Instead focus on working. I have found the times that were slow for me in the past were times when I was slacking off and was more worried about drama than work. If I saw other people complain about slow sales I started to complain then I would spend more time on the boards than on my projects and I would see a slowdown.

2. Do what you know. If you are good at something keep doing it and focus on making yourself better.

3. Innovate for yourself.  Don’t worry about copying other people and doing what they are doing. Instead try to make something for yourself that works for you. For example a lot of people use very heavily graphic intense tgp galleries. It is the new wave. Me? I use basic text and a simple layout and it works really well. It makes my galleries look less like everyone else’s and in my opinion it is less intrusive to the visitor. My galleries look less like a sales pitch which I feel helps people feel more comfortable clicking the links.

Worry about the things you can change. Don’t worry about the things you have no control over and stay on task. Let other people predict the death of online porn, when the sky falls and the collapse of the world.

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