Copa is back again

This battle has been going on ever since 1998 when lawmakers past a large law called COPA (Child Online Protection Act) This law included many different parts including one that would require any site that had any type of objectionable material to use a credit card as age verification before allowing people into their sites. This site has been struck down twice in the past as being too far reaching and too infringing, but alas, it is back again.

It seems the lawmakers are trying to resurrect it for another run. Back when it was last shot down it was done so because they proved that internet filtering software filtered out about 95% off all dangerous sites. The government is now arguing that only about half the parents in the country use filtering software on the computer. Basically their argument is that half the parents in the country are so irresponsible that the government needs to step in and protect their kids. I guess, maybe, they dont think that possibly those parents are monitoring their kids online activities and actually doing their jobs as parents.

It is pretty sad. Clearly, to me, this is probably just an election year gimmick where various politicians are trying to show the voters how they are trying to protect the kids, but it annoys the hell out of me when three different courts, including the supreme court, have struck something down and they still want to try to find a way to get it passed.

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