The dot xxx is back again

It seems like this is the week where all the old already decided adult industry cases and situations are coming back. The other day it was Copa. Today is it the .xxx TLD. There was a ruling a while back by ICANN that they would not issue a .xxx TLD so you cant then own and so on. Most people in this industry agree with the ruling and feel it was the right thing to do. Having a .xxx TLD would cause no end to the troubles. First would be how they wold assign them. Would I get all the domains I own in .xxx  or will I have to buy them from whoever did register them? Will there then be laws passed requiring all adult sites to be on a .xxx? And so on.

ICM the company that would sell the .xxx TLDs has been fighting to get them for a long time because they stand to make around 100 million if they are approved. This company has already twice been turned down by ICANN, but now they are petitiioning to have an independent review of ICANNs rulling against them. Many believe they are doing this because the new head of the ICANN board was someone that supported the .xxx in the last round and there are other new board members who might be sympatheic.

So everything old is new again and the seemlessly endless battle continues.  Here is the statement from ICM about the review.

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