The real worlds thought on tube sites

I have a friend that works for a gun shop. They sell some stuff online and the other day he and I were talking about the online biz world. He often asks me about good porn sites to join and stuff like that and I give him my recommendations. So he says to me, "Our new game in the shop is to surf Redtube and email each other the nastiest videos we can find." We had a laugh and then he said, "Sites like that cant be helping you." I agreed then he said the most telling thing I have heard in a while. "I will never join another paysite with those tubes around. Why should I, those tubes are better than half the paysites out there." This is a guy who over the years and joined probably a 8-9 different sites. He would join, stay a member for a while then cancel when he gets bored with it and move on to something else. I had always assumed a lot of people were that way. Now he will never join a site. A good customer is lost.

So which is to blame? Is it that the tube sites are giving away so much stuff or is it that the paysites suck and are not delivering as he would have hoped? The truth, as with most things, is probably somewhere in the middle. I do know this much. The guy has had a membership to one porn site or another for just about every month in the last 3-4 years and now he has no membership to any site and no desire to get one. Thats not good.

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