ICANN relaxes TLD process and reopens the door for xxx TLD

Today ICANN voted to relax the rules for top level TLD extensions. Everyone knows the .com and .net extension but this new ruling would allow anyone that had the money (it could be as much as 500K) and the correct technical capacity to register a TLD extension. So you can now have .yourname or .age or .hotels or whatever you wanted.

This then opens the door back up for .xxx. There is no doubt that they will apply for this when applications are taken sometime next year. There is still a review process, but that process is going to be much less strenuous. On the positive side it would make .xxx a lot less of a unique thing because you know people will want .sex or .porn and there will also be many other extensions. There is also still the chance it would be rejected. Many non-porn people are opposed to .xxx because they feel it would legitimize the porn industry. If all of them and the industry itself spoke out against it then it still could be rejected.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next year or so.

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