Ray Guhn gets 48 months

Ray Guhn, the former owner of Titan Cash pleaded guilty to some charges recently and was sentence to 48 months in jail. He have been arrested (along with some other people associated with the site) and charged with several things including obscenity and money laundering. He pleaded guilty in June to unlawful financial transactions for laundering money from his corporation based in Reno, Nev., through another account and eventually to his personal account in Fort Walton Beach.  Experts have said he chose this plea to avoid the potentially more harmful obscenity charges. Along with Guhn, real name Clinton McCowen, two of his business associates were also sentence to 34 1/2 months and 40 months.

It looks like this brings an end to the Cash Titans case. The program has new owners and continues to operate seperate from this group.

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