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Is Obama good for our industry

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

The election was held recently and as everyone knows Obama won. There was a consensus that any democrat would be better for our industry than a republican, especially one that is a very right leaning conservative. During the Clinton years obscenity prosecutions were pretty much non-existent and the industry was left alone to do its thing. Now that we have a liberal democrat going back to the white house can we expect that attitude to return? Maybe. No politician is "porn friendly." None of them are gonig to rush to our defense, but if you look back on history democrats seem to be a little less uptight about us.

There are rumors about who Obamas attorney general will be now. He was an assistant AG under Clinton and now there are some worries because there are letters he wrote to some people about prosecuting obsenity. I personally am not too worried. The letters he wrote also include in them the prosecution of child porn which I (and everyone I know) strongly support. These letter were also written to conservative leaders who want to hear things like this and they were written in 1998 after which nothing happened to our industry. I feel the letters were mostly meant to convey that the administration was adament about going after CP and the added in regular porn as a way to appease some conservative watchdog groups.

In the end the AG is under the guidence of the president. I feel it is pretty unlikely given the state of the country that Obama would make going after us a priority. But as I said, no politician is for us, so I reserve the right to keep my fingers crossed. I guess within the first 6 months or so of his presidency we will find out more. I feel good about Obama being elected and think the next four years will be better for our industry than the last 8, but I guess time will tell for sure.