Max Hardcore goes to jail

It has been about five days since Max Hardcore started serving his four year sentence for various obscenity convictions. I have to say it bothers me greatly.

Here is the big problem with Max’s conviction.

You can argue that Max pushed the enveloped, fucked with the bull and got the horns. I personally don’t like his content, but in that area I find most hardcore stuff kind of nasty and prefer the more softcore stuff. Call me old fashioned, but jerking off to a hot naked girl is fine by me. If it is hardcore I want at least the illusion that she is having a good time.

But this isn’t about what I want to jerk off to.

Some of the things Max got convicted for were videos of his that were on the internet. Those videos were also simply trailers for other full length videos. Now the law says to find something obscene you have to take in the work as a whole, not just small pieces of it. That didn’t happen here. They saw a very short trailer and used that to make their decision and toss him in jail.

COPA is gone, but some of the rulings of COPA linger. One of those rulings by the US Supreme Court is that you can use local standards when judging something that is on the internet. What this means is that if the convictions Max received for the movie trailers on his website are not overturned during his appeals any small conservative town in the nation can go to any MPG gallery you may post, watch your 30 second video clip and drag your ass into court, get a conviction and lock you away.

That is wrong.
The US Supreme Court was wrong with their ruling. Local community standards should not apply to the internet.

The court that handed Max convictions based on his movie trailers was wrong as well.

If those convictions are left to stand it could open a can of worms that could make things very ugly for this industry.

Love or hate Max. Love or hate his content, this is something everyone in this business should be paying close attention to.

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