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xxx TLD back again for round 3

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

ICM, the company that has petitioned ICANN for the .xxx domain TLD and been twice denied has filed a petition for a full independent review of their application. Since the last application ICANN has relaxed its rules on how they admister TLDs and they have new chaiman of the board who in the past has supported the idea of a .xxx. Those new factors could come into play with this review.

I still feel that it will again be denied, but you never know. If it is approved look for the gold rush to hit as webmasters scramble to buy up the best domains.

Here is more info on it

Ill keep you posted as this story unfolds.

Looks like COPA may finally be dead.

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

COPA is a law that has been kicking around the Internet for close to 10 years now. Originally COPA was a series of new laws that were set forth to help protect children on the Internet. Like most of those laws, the people who wrote them have no idea what they are doing so they ended up writing a law that is far overreaching and does more harm than good. In this case part of the COPA law would require any site that contained content that is "harmful to minors" to restrict access and require a credit card as age verification to get into the site. Of course this part of the law was aimed at the adult industry, but since there was no explanation of what "harmful" meant it included all kinds of different sites.

The lawsuits have been flying ever since. For the most part the judges have always ruled that existing filtering software does a good enough job that this law is not needed. In its most recent appeal the US government argued that at least half the households in the country with children don’t have any filtering software so this law needs to be in place to protect them. So basically they were saying that if you decided to actually do your job and monitor your kid on the Internet you were still not doing enough. The appeal was, of course, denied. Yesterday the US Supreme Court refused to hear the case. That refusal should pretty much put a nail into the coffin of this law.

Maybe the government will find some other creative way to bring it back for another appeal, but this last appeal was pretty far reaching and desperate so it looks like this part of COPA is finally dead. Good riddance.

Is Obama good for our industry

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

The election was held recently and as everyone knows Obama won. There was a consensus that any democrat would be better for our industry than a republican, especially one that is a very right leaning conservative. During the Clinton years obscenity prosecutions were pretty much non-existent and the industry was left alone to do its thing. Now that we have a liberal democrat going back to the white house can we expect that attitude to return? Maybe. No politician is "porn friendly." None of them are gonig to rush to our defense, but if you look back on history democrats seem to be a little less uptight about us.

There are rumors about who Obamas attorney general will be now. He was an assistant AG under Clinton and now there are some worries because there are letters he wrote to some people about prosecuting obsenity. I personally am not too worried. The letters he wrote also include in them the prosecution of child porn which I (and everyone I know) strongly support. These letter were also written to conservative leaders who want to hear things like this and they were written in 1998 after which nothing happened to our industry. I feel the letters were mostly meant to convey that the administration was adament about going after CP and the added in regular porn as a way to appease some conservative watchdog groups.

In the end the AG is under the guidence of the president. I feel it is pretty unlikely given the state of the country that Obama would make going after us a priority. But as I said, no politician is for us, so I reserve the right to keep my fingers crossed. I guess within the first 6 months or so of his presidency we will find out more. I feel good about Obama being elected and think the next four years will be better for our industry than the last 8, but I guess time will tell for sure.

Ray Guhn gets 48 months

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Ray Guhn, the former owner of Titan Cash pleaded guilty to some charges recently and was sentence to 48 months in jail. He have been arrested (along with some other people associated with the site) and charged with several things including obscenity and money laundering. He pleaded guilty in June to unlawful financial transactions for laundering money from his corporation based in Reno, Nev., through another account and eventually to his personal account in Fort Walton Beach.  Experts have said he chose this plea to avoid the potentially more harmful obscenity charges. Along with Guhn, real name Clinton McCowen, two of his business associates were also sentence to 34 1/2 months and 40 months.

It looks like this brings an end to the Cash Titans case. The program has new owners and continues to operate seperate from this group.

Judge Denies Max Hardcore a new trial

Monday, July 28th, 2008

In a ruling today the judge in the Max Hardcore obscenity trail denied allowing him a new trial. Max’s defense team had argued that he deserved a retrial on many different grounds including the fact that one of the jurors who was reportedly leaning in favor of Max got fired from her job then suddenly changed her vote.  The judge denied the request for a retrial. This is no big new when you consider that this is the same judge that oversaw the debacle that was the first trial and it is just the first in what I am sure will be a long list of appeals and moves.

You can read the full article here.