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The real worlds thought on tube sites

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

I have a friend that works for a gun shop. They sell some stuff online and the other day he and I were talking about the online biz world. He often asks me about good porn sites to join and stuff like that and I give him my recommendations. So he says to me, "Our new game in the shop is to surf Redtube and email each other the nastiest videos we can find." We had a laugh and then he said, "Sites like that cant be helping you." I agreed then he said the most telling thing I have heard in a while. "I will never join another paysite with those tubes around. Why should I, those tubes are better than half the paysites out there." This is a guy who over the years and joined probably a 8-9 different sites. He would join, stay a member for a while then cancel when he gets bored with it and move on to something else. I had always assumed a lot of people were that way. Now he will never join a site. A good customer is lost.

So which is to blame? Is it that the tube sites are giving away so much stuff or is it that the paysites suck and are not delivering as he would have hoped? The truth, as with most things, is probably somewhere in the middle. I do know this much. The guy has had a membership to one porn site or another for just about every month in the last 3-4 years and now he has no membership to any site and no desire to get one. Thats not good.

The dot xxx is back again

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

It seems like this is the week where all the old already decided adult industry cases and situations are coming back. The other day it was Copa. Today is it the .xxx TLD. There was a ruling a while back by ICANN that they would not issue a .xxx TLD so you cant then own and so on. Most people in this industry agree with the ruling and feel it was the right thing to do. Having a .xxx TLD would cause no end to the troubles. First would be how they wold assign them. Would I get all the domains I own in .xxx  or will I have to buy them from whoever did register them? Will there then be laws passed requiring all adult sites to be on a .xxx? And so on.

ICM the company that would sell the .xxx TLDs has been fighting to get them for a long time because they stand to make around 100 million if they are approved. This company has already twice been turned down by ICANN, but now they are petitiioning to have an independent review of ICANNs rulling against them. Many believe they are doing this because the new head of the ICANN board was someone that supported the .xxx in the last round and there are other new board members who might be sympatheic.

So everything old is new again and the seemlessly endless battle continues.  Here is the statement from ICM about the review.

Copa is back again

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

This battle has been going on ever since 1998 when lawmakers past a large law called COPA (Child Online Protection Act) This law included many different parts including one that would require any site that had any type of objectionable material to use a credit card as age verification before allowing people into their sites. This site has been struck down twice in the past as being too far reaching and too infringing, but alas, it is back again.

It seems the lawmakers are trying to resurrect it for another run. Back when it was last shot down it was done so because they proved that internet filtering software filtered out about 95% off all dangerous sites. The government is now arguing that only about half the parents in the country use filtering software on the computer. Basically their argument is that half the parents in the country are so irresponsible that the government needs to step in and protect their kids. I guess, maybe, they dont think that possibly those parents are monitoring their kids online activities and actually doing their jobs as parents.

It is pretty sad. Clearly, to me, this is probably just an election year gimmick where various politicians are trying to show the voters how they are trying to protect the kids, but it annoys the hell out of me when three different courts, including the supreme court, have struck something down and they still want to try to find a way to get it passed.

More Backlash For Tube Sites

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

There have been a couple of very interesting events in the last few days in regards to Tube sites. Gallery Traffic Services started selling ad spots for Xtube a “tube” site that often posts full 20-30 minute and longer videos. These types of sites have caused a lot of controversy and I still believe they are a business model that is born to fail. That sais as soon as GTS announced they were selling ad spots on these sites there was a pretty big backlash with several people announcing they would no longer buy submit passes or gallery spots from GTS and would instead deal directly with the site owners. If these people really hold true to their word it could prove to be a real statement of how unhappy people are with tube sites.

Another interesting tube related item is that that news has gone out that redtube is for sale. It was rumored to be offered for sale last year at a price in the area of 1 million dollars and they got no takers. I would be interested to see what they want for it now.

I have always said that the tube sites will begin having a real problem making money and that trouble will lead to them needing to dramatically change their business model or cause them to go out of business. I think these new developments are some evidence that I might be correct about this. More on these topics as I find them out.