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Max Hardcore goes to jail

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

It has been about five days since Max Hardcore started serving his four year sentence for various obscenity convictions. I have to say it bothers me greatly.

Here is the big problem with Max’s conviction.

You can argue that Max pushed the enveloped, fucked with the bull and got the horns. I personally don’t like his content, but in that area I find most hardcore stuff kind of nasty and prefer the more softcore stuff. Call me old fashioned, but jerking off to a hot naked girl is fine by me. If it is hardcore I want at least the illusion that she is having a good time.

But this isn’t about what I want to jerk off to.

Some of the things Max got convicted for were videos of his that were on the internet. Those videos were also simply trailers for other full length videos. Now the law says to find something obscene you have to take in the work as a whole, not just small pieces of it. That didn’t happen here. They saw a very short trailer and used that to make their decision and toss him in jail.

COPA is gone, but some of the rulings of COPA linger. One of those rulings by the US Supreme Court is that you can use local standards when judging something that is on the internet. What this means is that if the convictions Max received for the movie trailers on his website are not overturned during his appeals any small conservative town in the nation can go to any MPG gallery you may post, watch your 30 second video clip and drag your ass into court, get a conviction and lock you away.

That is wrong.
The US Supreme Court was wrong with their ruling. Local community standards should not apply to the internet.

The court that handed Max convictions based on his movie trailers was wrong as well.

If those convictions are left to stand it could open a can of worms that could make things very ugly for this industry.

Love or hate Max. Love or hate his content, this is something everyone in this business should be paying close attention to.

Max Hardcore gets 4 years

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Max Hardcore AKA Paul F Little was found guilty of 10 counts of obscenity a few months ago. His sentencing came this week and got 46 months in jail plus fines and he will have to serve 3 years probation when he is released. The judge did allow him to remain free until a prison is determined. He will be appealing immediately. He had to wait for the sentence before he could even file the appeal so this is just the next step in the process, however it sounds like the way it things look he may end up in prison while his appeal is being carried out.

This is the first time a porn producer has been found guilty of obscenity while the distributor was given immunity. Little even argued that he had no idea they were sending his material through the mail since he doesn’t handle distribution himself. While I may not be a fan of his content, 46 months seems like a long time for this and it could set a very dangerous precedence. Some of the counts he was convicted on were simply trailer clips on his website. The law clearly says you have to take the work as a whole so they shouldn’t be allowed to convict him on just clips. I imagine that will be a big part of his appeal.

I hope he eventually beats this. Even if his content was extreme and turns a lot of people off you have to keep in mind that the battles for free speech are fought on the fringes. Once the extreme stuff has been beaten down, you know the softer more mainstream stuff is next.

Google Adsense has some cool tools

Monday, September 8th, 2008

I just signed up for a Google Adsense account (the account that lets you buy ads on Google) and it has some really good keyword tools. You can type in a basic keyword and it will give you all the most popular variations of it as well as telling you how many monthly searches that term gets and what kind of competition that keyword has. It really is great info for anyone doing search engines stuff and it is free. Give it a shot.

Max Hardcore found guilty of obscenity

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Over the last few weeks extreme hardcore porn producer Max Hardcore has been on trial in Florida on obscenity charges. Today he was found guilty on all counts. While being found guilty of obscenity for his extreme brand of porn may not be a shock to some this case could have far more reaching effects than just him getting busted for making the type of stuff he makes. In this case some of the counts included his transporting obscene material over the internet.  He plans to appeal but if ultimately this conviction is allowed to stand it could open the gates and allow people to be prosecuted in any community in the nation for a website that they run. It is a slippery slope and our government took the first step down it today.

While I don’t personally like the type of porn Max makes, I do believe strongly in his right to make it and other people’s rights to watch it. The government should not be telling us what we can and can’t watch in our own homes and I believe the community should have no say in what is on the internet as whole. Why should one small town get to decide what should be allowed on a world wide network?

I agree with those that think Max will eventually win this in an appeal, but either way to day was a loss for the country and a loss for our industry.

Learn something every day

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

The old saying "learn something new everyday" may sound like a cliche to many, but it really is a worthwhile thing to think about. For example, just today I figured out how to add an iframe with some pics into the sidebar of one of my blogs. It may not be a big thing, but it is pretty cool and if it draws hits I will do it on all of my blogs and it could earn me some nice cash.

You don’t have to learn something big. There is no need to be Stephen Hawking and solve the problems of the universe everyday, but just learning a new shortcut in a program or a new way to code something or a cool new tool in Photoshop can make your life better, easier and more profitable. So when you are faced with a question, don’t just put it off because you don’t want to be bothered, tackle it. I might just end up being an easy question to answer and it could help your business out down the road.

As the cartoon GI Joe that I watched growing up used to say, " Now I know, and knowing is half the battle."